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Online dating isn’t as bad as you think

Aaliyah Alexander

Online dating seems to be a controversial topic among those who are trying to find love. 

Some people believe it is an impersonal, cold and superficial process which will never end in something real. But I am here to tell you, online dating is really not that bad. 

Online dating offers many opportunities that people would not have if they were only dating people they met in person.

Let’s be realistic, times have changed. Whether people like it or not, meeting people in person is not as likely in this day and age. Some people find it easier to meet people online with the help of dating services such as Hinge, Bumble and Tinder. As college students, life is too busy to participate in dating conveniently.

“I think there is no harm in meeting as many people as possible knowing that you are physically attracted to or interested in their hobbies and thoughts,” said public relations junior Roxanna Boren.

Many people feel more comfortable online dating. It provides people the opportunity to talk with a person however long they need to before they decide to actually go out on a date with them. 

“Talking to someone before actually meeting someone makes the date more comfortable,” Boren said. “You are aware of their topics of interest, hobbies or other points that can make the date more comfortable.” 

Online dating can also be a win for women who are often put in uncomfortable situations on dates. Online dating can be a way for them to filter out people who could make them uncomfortable right away. It gives them the power to say where and when they want to meet once they are comfortable. Applications like Bumble which give women the power to send messages first is especially helpful with avoiding off-putting encounters. 

A San Diego State journalism junior who wishes to remain anonymous prefers the non-traditional route to meeting potential partners. 

“I personally can feel uncomfortable when people approach me in public,” they said. “ So I might feel uncomfortable if someone attempts to flirt with me in public.” 

Dating apps not only benefit women, they benefit men too. 

There is a lot of pressure put on men when dating.

“As guys we are expected to pay for first dates,” said an engineering senior who wishes to remain anonymous. “I don’t want to have to pay for a bunch of first dates. Dating apps help me narrow down who I want to actually spend my money and time on.” 

Many college students find themselves in tight situations financially. It is important for them to find ways to save money, especially when trying to date in college.  

There are so many benefits to online dating. People who want to date, but oppose online dating are doing themselves a disservice. 

There are people who find love online every day. Is it easy to find love online? No, but it isn’t easy to find love in general. 

Dating is hard, but the reward of finding love is worth it. 

Adriana Villa is a senior studying public relations. 

About the Contributor
Aaliyah Alexander, Opinion Editor
Aaliyah Alexander is a junior studying journalism and international studies. 
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Online dating isn’t as bad as you think