Senior Farewell: Jenna Meyer


by Jenna Meyer, Senior Staff Writer

It’s weird to be writing this. To be quite honest, I never imagined myself as a writer in the first place.

I joined The Daily Aztec in fall 2020 in the middle of a COVID semester. Meetings were virtual, I had little to no journalism experience, and it felt impossible to connect over endless Zoom calls; But I chose to stay because I had hope that something would click. 

Spoiler alert, things clicked shortly after.

Fast forward to baseball season, Aztecs Got Game was born – a feature page and an affiliate of Daily Aztec sports for all things Aztec Baseball coverage. There hadn’t been anything like this concept established with The Daily Aztec so the creative freedom was endless, to write, create content, and feature some amazing athletes.

The hours spent at Tony Gwynn Stadium during the 2021 season were long thanks to the doubleheaders, and sometimes cold, but that’s where the passion grew. I can confidently say spending weekends there for a whole semester confirmed in my mind sports reporting and writing were a forever thing for me. 

I had a hard time writing my first game recaps. It took time, lots of edits, and a little bit of frustration. It wasn’t easy or efficient, but it eventually was published online and that was all that mattered. It was the best feeling to see your story published after putting your whole being into writing or creating it. 

Each story improved, had better flow, was more creative, and took a little less time to write. All it took was time and practice. 

In addition to writing, I found my true passion in broadcasting, reporting, and on-camera work. 

There is no better feeling than spotlighting people in the community you call home and cherish the most through packages, features, and multimedia work. 

I never imagined myself as a writer at The Daily Aztec but I am so thankful I stuck it out and just tried. If I didn’t try, I wouldn’t be pursuing the broadcasting career I am and the relationships, experiences, and opportunities would have never happened in my time at SDSU.

Now, like my favorite segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: the Thank You Notes.

Thank you to my family for supporting my dreams, hearing the “reporter voice” during breaks and around the house, and planning your vacations around sporting events and all things SDSU. I would be nowhere without your constant support.

Thank you to Kyle Betz and Luis Lopez for seeing the vision of AGG and letting us run free with the idea. 

Thank you to the current sports section staff for letting me occasionally (or quite frequently) interrupt the meeting with sports updates, share tons of advice I’ve taken in over the four years, and change the topic to baseball. 

Thank you to Reese Savoie. The Aztecs to my Got Game, reporting partner, Dunkin’ Donuts enthusiast, and realizing you forgot the tripod more than halfway to UNLV. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

And lastly, a special thank you to SDSU Baseball and Coach Mark Martinez. It has been an absolute pleasure to cover the stories and athletes that have made up the team in the past two seasons. I will always look back on the weekends spent at Tony Gwynn Stadium as some of my favorite memories as an Aztec.

Back in the fall of 2020, I never thought I would still be writing and reporting here. Let alone writing my very own senior farewell. 

Thank you, Daily Aztec. 

For the last time, for The Daily Aztec, I’m Jenna Meyer.