by Venice Fahey

By Venice Fahey, Blogger

In the real world, men and fashion do not usually go together. Manly men get as excited with fixing things around the house as Fashionistas get opening their latest issue of Vogue.

While I acknowledge that not all are fully incompetent when it comes to fashion, most men are fairly clueless when attempting to pick out clothes for themselves and rarely seem to care. Little do they know, one of the most basic items in a man’s wardrobe is rapidly becoming a full-on trend; one in which women everywhere can benefit from.

The trouser pant has always been a staple for both men and women who want to project a business-like attitude. A woman in a good suit reflects power and independence, two things that are essential in the workplace. Not surprisingly (as fashion trends go), the notoriously unfashionable pleated trousers have emerged as one of this year’s hottest trends. While they reflect an image of the traditional working-girl, the added baggy element creates a casual but high fashion vibe.

I spotted this Fashionista rocking her adorable neutral colored pleated trousers right away. The baggy pleats at the top contrast with the skinny bottom of the pant to create a slouched silhouette that is complemented with her tighter fitting, tucked in shirt. Her look is fabulously casual and chic. The revival of the pleats adds a bit of glamour to the Fashionista willing to try the trend. Whether you wear them skinny, cuffed, baggy or tapered, this look is sure to bring a little charisma into your closet. To get your own pleated look, visit stores like Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and Anthropologie who have a wide variety of colors and styles to suit your figure!

Hint: Roll the bottom of your trousers up like this to create an edgy twist to your outfit while pairing the high waisted pants with a thin belt that will have you looking fantastic!

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