Aztec Gaming: “Skyrim” modding, sale and surprises abound


by Cody Franklin

A new era of “Skyrim” modding is upon us. Today was the official release of the Steam Workshop for Skyrim, the new home for “Skyrim” modifications.

With the release came two big surprises for the game; a new official high-resolution texture pack direct from the developers with some hefty requirements as well as the very first mod which introduces a familiar face from “Portal 2,” the Space Core. Be sure to check out Space Core in action.

Not been able to afford “Skyrim”? Don’t fret. Today also brought a new sale on the game, or you can buy “Skyrim” plus “Oblivion” plus “Morrowind” for the list price of “Skyrim” alone.

How does the golden age of “Skyrim” mods make you feel?