Instagram makes way to Android

by John Anderson

Courtesy of Instagram
Courtesy of Instagram

Hipsters, social media lovers and photo enthusiasts rejoice, Instagram has finally made its way to the Android platform. The free photo editing and sharing app has been a longtime favorite for iPhone owners, boasting more than 30 million registered users uploading more than 5 million photos every day.

Instagram finally caved to the pressure of the 430,000 fans on Instagram’s “Android Waiting List,” finally letting the first non-iOS users into the party. The Android app has already been downloaded more than a million times to generally stellar reviews.

The Android version has yet to implement some focus features such as tilt shift, but most of the filters are included. Instagram has already pledged to include the missing features in future updates. Android users have full access to the social portion of the app, allowing them to smoothly interact cross-platform.

Reception has not been entirely positive. Some users are complaining of error messages and problems uploading, which Instagram has already begun to address in the “help” section of the website. Others write in the review section of Google Play that they don’t understand the hype. It is unlikely they’ll find a troubleshooting section for fixing disinterest.

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