#What’s Trending: Instagram, North Korea, Coachella

by David Hernandez

Courtesy of Instagram

Trending Topic: Instagram

It was exclusive to iPhone users. Then, last week, Android began taking advantage of Instagram as the app became available for them. Now, even more people will be able to make use of Instagram, which currently allows you to snap a picture, choose a filter, and share it. Both Facebook and Instagram announced this week that Facebook will acquire Instagram for $1 billion.

What were the responses like on Twitter? Pretty witty:

  • @AdwaAlDakheel: Apparently, a picture is not worth a thousand words.. It is worth $1 billion. #facegram
  • @Breana_E: Facebook bought Instagram so that it would be even easier for you to upload pretentious profile pictures
  • @Vivek5: 6 person team at Instagram will split $1,000,000–Some people play #megamillions, and some people create photosharing apps
  • @rkef: Instagram = 1 billion. Kodak = bankrupt.


Trending Topic: North Korea

The world had its eyes on North Korea this week after the country announced that its rocket launch was scheduled to occur towards the end of the week. The launch, which happened Friday morning (Thursday evening in the U.S.), ended quickly, and was considered a failure after the missile crashed in pieces into the sea.

These two tweets exemplify both the humorous tweets and the serious ones that made North Korea a trending topic on Twitter:

  • Foster The People (@fosterthepeople): North Korea needs to take the money they’re spending on weapons and use it to buy food for their starving population instead.
  • Jimmy Carr (@jimmycarr): I see North Korea messed up their rocket launch. Come on guys it’s not brain surgery.


Trending Topic: Coachella

An inevitable trend this weekend: Coachella. Weekend one of the 3-day music festival kicked off Friday, with The Black Keys, Radiohead, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg as the main headliners.

A variety of celebrities who were in attendance tweeted about the music festival:

  • Afrojack (@djafrojack): Holy crap Coachella and all the parties around are insane never knew this!
  • Katy Perry (@katyperry): Last night was spiritual #radiohead
  • Josh Hutcherson: Hanging at #coachella having the time of my life!!!
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson (@jessetyler): Pool party in Coachella with @GenArts! Excited to see The Shins, Feist, Radiohead, Bon Iver & Kaskade tonight!
  • Rihanna (@rihanna): Saved all my love for Snoop+Dre

For the second consecutive year, YouTube streamed the event for free for those who weren’t able to enjoy the music live.

Rolling Stone has essential festival coverage.

Week two of Coachella begins next Friday.