Power outage upsets Aztecs

by Stephanie Saccente

Students living on campus and College Area residents awoke Friday to find their water and plumbing was not working. While this was not a test nor a planned outage by the university, students campus-wide were unsure how to handle the situation.

According to Greg Block, San Diego State director of media relations and new media, the sudden water shut-off was caused by a power outage at one of the City of San Diego Water Department’s pump stations. The pump that experienced issues delivers water to the La Mesa area as well as the university. SDSU had no control regarding what happened. Water was restored to affected areas Friday afternoon.

Ashley Adams, SDSU freshman and resident of the Cuicacalli Suites, residence hall was surprised to find her water shut off that morning.

“It’s confusing that the whole water system for such a large university could suddenly stop working. Shouldn’t our school have a backup plan for instances like this?” Adams said.

Another SDSU residence hall resident Brandon Pierce, was also frustrated when he realized his residence hall room was experiencing problems.

“When I first discovered what was going on, I was annoyed,” Pierce said. “I then realized that it would get fixed eventually and I had more important things to worry about.”