Throwback Thursday: Reagan’s reelection

by Leonardo Castaneda

Last week, The Daily Aztec looked at its coverage of the 2000 election between Al Gore and George W. Bush for Throwback Thursday. This week it will cover the 1984 election when President Ronald Reagan campaigned for his second term against Democratic challenger Walter Mondale.

The day before the election The Daily Aztec ran an editorial supporting the need for an alternative to four more years of Reagan stating, “Whether perfect or not, Mondale is that alternative.” A cartoon published the same day suggested the dissatisfied minority could derail Reagan’s reelection hopes.

Mondale was running an uphill battle late in the campaign, but still received The The newspaper also ran several editorials critical of both parties. Echoing the women’s rights battle surfacing in the current elections Tracy Dell’Angela criticized women who supported Reagan.

The Daily Aztec also featured three other columns about the elections, including one in support of the president.

Reagan went on to win a landslide victory against Mondale. The following day The Daily Aztec ran a bitter editorial about the possible consequences of this decision. It ended saying, “America’s youth made its decision last night and will have to live by it—or die for it.”