Say it out loud with your sweater


by Elisse Miller

Sometimes it’s simply easier to wear your heart on your sleeve, or rather, your thoughts on your clothes.  T-shirts and sweaters everywhere are now displaying loud-mouth phrases like “Snob,” “Wannabe” and “Loser.”  Nothing tells the world who you are and how you feel better than clothing, but thanks to this trend, it just got easier. Sport this wordy look to class or kicking back with friends. If you want to send positive vibes to those on campus, throw on a “Stay rad” sweater and head out.

Clockwise from top left: “Chin up” sweater from, “Awesome” necklace from Urban Outfitters, “Don’t go with the flow” dress from Forever 21, “Stay rad” sweater from Urban Outfitters, “Teenage dirtbag” sweater from Etsy, “Snob” shirt from Forever 21, “Wannabe” shirt from Forever 21, “Dweeb” shirt from Forever 21, “Ain’t no wifey” shirt from DimePiece LA, and “Loser” sweater from Wildfox Couture.