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JAM: Meet Trent


Trenton Villanueva, Blogger for J.A.M.


Journalism and Media Studies



What’s your musical taste? Does it vary and has it changed overtime?

My musical tastes do vary, especially depending on my mood. They also vary on genre. I listen to a lot of alternative rock and new wave, but I like to think that I listen to music on an artist-to-artist basis. For instance, I generally do not listen to heavy metal, but I own a lot of Judas Priest and Van Halen. I also like classical music and movie scores. I think I’ve always been one to listen to a variety of different musical styles and artist–unless it’s emo.

Who are the last five artists you listened to:

The last five artists I listened to were Radiohead, Neil Young, Oingo Boingo, Modest Mouse, and The Church (that one goes out to you, Jack).

What’s your preferred method of getting music (iPod, computer, live music, etc.)?

I don’t want the FCC busting down my door, so I’m not going to in any way indicate any sort of relationship or correlation between myself and the act of illegal downloading media files commonly referred to as piracy. With this in mind, it is best to say that I purchase all my music in a perfectly legitimate fashion: CDs.

If you could put together a show of three artists, dead or alive, who would they be and why:

If I had to pick only three artists for show, I suppose I would pick The Clash (of course), Oingo Boingo (obviously), and The Smiths (duh). I would pick these three bands because none of them are currently together. What is the point of picking bands that are together? Also, these are the only three of my favorite bands I haven’t seen live.

What was your first album, why did you get it or why was it given to you?

My first impulse was to lie about what my first album and say it was something really “cool,” like Led Zeppelin II, or something. However, upon further contemplation, I have decided to ignore the potential embarrassment and reveal the age-old mystery of TRENT’S FIRST ALBUM. The first album I ever owned was — insert “Also Sprach Zarathrustra” here — “Career of Evil” by Blue Oyster. That’s right readers, the first album I ever owned was a compilation of Blue Oyster Cult’s greatest hits, and it was on cassette.

Favorite spot for music in SD/anywhere:

My favorite live music venue is probably San Diego State’s very own Viejas Arena. It has the definite advantage of being large enough to attract large acts, but is also small enough to where any seat is a good seat. I’m also on campus a lot, so that’s a plus.

What’s your take on SDSU’s music scene (if any):

Realistically, is there really much of an SDSU music scene? I assume SDSU students like music and there are various bands and musicians on campus, but I don’t think there is much of a “scene.” I mean, the opportunity for musicians to perform at the Enviro-Business Society’s Farmer’s Market is nice, as is Associated Student’s “Nooners.” But realistically, most of the artists that play the Nooners are not made up of SDSU students or even originate in San Diego. To me, a local music scene has to include local musicians. Unless you include SDSU’s music program, I just don’t see much of an SDSU music scene.

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JAM: Meet Trent