‘Ouija’ spooks audiences out of their seats

by Courtney Brown, Staff Writer

Just in time for Halloween, the horror flick “Ouija” hit theaters Oct. 24. Everything from the overly suspenseful score to the ridiculous situations the unknowing characters walk into, director Stiles White provides all of the elements for the perfect teen thriller movie recipe.

The film centers on a group of friends as they attempt to channel the spirit of an dead friend using a Ouija board. The eerie spiritual board proves to be much more than a board game when the friends find themselves in a much darker territory.

Cheesy horror movies have been a guilty pleasure since the reign of Wes Craven. As typical as “Ouija” may be, audiences will no doubt experience that “jumping out of your skin” feeling during many unexpected instances. For some reason, viewers love sitting on the edge of their seat with their face buried in their hands, screaming at the oblivious character — who clearly can’t hear them —walking into a dark alley alone. “Ouija” incorporates all of those moments up until the very last scene.

“Ouija” is a recommended film for horror movie buffs looking to seek thrills during the Halloween season. The storyline is especially intriguing and may make you think twice about the old Ouija board under your bed. Or you can keep telling yourself it’s just a game.