Presidential endorsement moves for’Ward’

Jenna Mackey, Photo Editor

Jenna Mackey, Photo Editor

by Editorial Board

This year’s Associate Students elections has fortunately brought together larger student-body participation than seen in recent years. With multiple candidates running for major seats, Aztecs have their work cut out for them when it comes down to casting their votes.

As moderators of the A.S. debates, The Daily Aztec editors have had the chance to thoroughly consider the platforms and values of each of the presidential candidate. Although all three candidates had strong fundamental points in their debates, Blaire Ann Ward stood out from the pack for her experience, strategic plans and confident control of her public communication and has therefore been selected as The Daily Aztec’s official endorsement for A.S. president.

Ward has been involved with A.S. since her freshmen year, giving her valuable inside experience and insight that sets her apart from other candidates.

Throughout the entirety of the debate, Ward carried herself with confidence and she articulated main key points and ideas she felt were crucial components of leading the student body, never wavering with difficult discussions or hesitating to counteract the points of other candidates. Additionally, her strong desire for one-on-one communication will hopefully ensure a positive relationship between A.S. leadership and the general student body.

Although we endorse Ward for president, she wasn’t the only candidate to show potential for what she can do for A.S. and the campus as a whole. Candidate Chelsea Baer stood out during the debate and campaign for her unique insight into the inner-workings of the university, born out of her vast experience in various student organizations, including SDSU Marketing and Communications and as a former staff member of The Daily Aztec. Her ability to connect with students outside of the inner circle of A.S. gives her the ability to see  issues where some of her peers may not, and we hope to see her in an influential position in A.S. next year.

The Daily Aztec is impressed with the strong candidates who represented the A.S. elections this year and is certain the upcoming school year will be in promising hands. We wish the best of luck to all three presidential candidates and the entire new leadership of A.S.