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To gym or not to gym

I have never been a person with any type of conscious commitment to staying in shape. In high school, regular team practices were no big deal. My freshman year at San Diego State was similar, because I was simply in the habit of making time for exercise.

Now, as a junior, that Olivia is gone and a new one has come to replace her—one with an ever-growing list of excuses for going to the gym. Here are some points this new Olivia seems to argue the most:

  1. Is the gym even open?

I live off campus now, and I’m closest to the Aztec Recreation Center Express. It’s not open for 24 hours like the actual ARC, and I’m not about to walk all the way across campus when it’s closed. And there are even less hours on the weekends—it’s like the gym gods don’t want me to go.

  1. Should I wait to do a group class?

I would probably have a more productive workout if I took a Zumba class instead of doing a machine on my own, but that would also mean walking to the actual ARC so ehhh.

  1. I have to study.

Especially when I have a test coming up, I feel like any spare time I have should be dedicated to filling my brain with information, or sleeping so I can actually retain that information during the test. I also strongly believe that study materials don’t belong at the gym, so bringing work along is out of the question.

  1. Should I make real food?

Sometimes I consider actually making myself real food as opposed to the microwavable kind. Real food is good for you too, so basically a healthy meal should be equivalent to one workout session, right?

  1. I sneezed earlier today—maybe I have a cold.

Gandhi said health is real wealth, so pushing myself would only bring dishonor to his name.

  1. My favorite yoga pants are dirty.

If I can’t look cute, what am I even doing with my life?

  1. I’m really tired. What if I fall asleep on the treadmill and get thrown off?

I’ve tripped on that thing even when I’m wide awake, so this is a very real possibility.

  1. My phone is dying.

If I learned anything from my mother, it’s that my phone should always be charged for safety purposes. What if someone has a life-threatening emergency and calls me while I’m at the gym with a dead battery? I can’t live with that on my conscience.

  1. For some reason, I’m in a place with no WiFi, which means I can’t download the new album I’ve been looking forward to listening to on Spotify.

My other music just doesn’t motivate me anymore, so if I can’t listen to new stuff I shouldn’t bother.

  1. I can’t find any of my three pairs of headphones.

Sadly, this happens very often. And a silent workout is essentially torture.

  1. I’ll have to walk outside.

God forbid the weather is humid or rainy—I’ll already produce enough sweat at the gym, I don’t need any more condensation in my life. Not worth it.

  1. It’s the time of day when the gym is busiest. What if there aren’t any ellipticals left?

When it comes to working out, I stick to what I know. I’m not about to try something new and make myself look like a fool.

  1. What if the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” isn’t on?

There aren’t any new episodes available on Netflix or Hulu, and my roommates and I aren’t about to pay for cable, so TVs at the gym are my only way of keeping up with them.

I admit that some of these are rather trivial, but they make up the constant struggle that is my life. I’m amazed by busy students who consistently make time for the gym—hopefully any future Olivias come with their kind of motivation.

About the Contributor
Olivia Litsey
Olivia Litsey, Arts & Lifestyle Editor
Olivia Litsey is a sophomore at SDSU and an economics pre-major with an honors minor in interdisciplinary studies.  She started writing for The Daily Aztec in 2013 and is currently assistant features editor for the features section.
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To gym or not to gym