SDSU should implement an additional break for students during the fall semester

by Mackenzie Boss, Contributor

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With the increasing amount of stress and pressure placed on college students, the need for a break from school seems to be more present than ever.

San Diego State should consider implementing a break in the fall semester in order to give students a few days to recuperate after midterms and prepare themselves for the next round of essays and exams coming their way.

A fall break is a pause from classes that is separate from Thanksgiving break and usually takes place during October.

The break gives students around two to three extra days off from the stress of school.

And this isn’t just a random idea conjured up during a particularly stressful study session.

More and more schools around the nation are implementing these fall breaks.

Some universities that have chose to implement a fall break include:

Arizona State, Duke University, Texas Christian University, Notre Dame, Indiana University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and many more.

Other schools, such as University of Colorado, Boulder, choose to give students a fall break in a different way.

Boulder cancels classes on the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week in order to give students the full week off.

ASU is one of the schools to implement a “typical” fall break.

This year ASU’s break took place Oct. 10-13, giving students an extra Monday and Tuesday off from classes to unwind.

SDSU should take note of these other schools’ systems and consider implementing a fall break so students do not need to wait until Thanksgiving to have a brief break from their classes.

Adding a fall break would be extremely beneficial for students’ mental health and would allow them to feel more relaxed and confident when approaching their second round of midterms and other coursework in the winter.

It would also give students the option to relax and de-stress, or choose to use fall break as a time to catch up on their coursework if they are feeling behind.

According to a 2008 mental health study conducted by The Associated Press and mtvU, “eight of 10 college students say they have sometimes or frequently experienced stress in their daily lives over the past three months.”

However, implementing a fall break would not be an easy task due to the many rules and regulations implemented through the state of California and the Chancellor’s Office of the California State University system.

“Adding a fall break would take a week off the semester as it is, which would either need to be added back at the beginning or end of the semester,” said Gordon Clancy, professor of sociology at SDSU.

The 2014-15 academic and holiday calendar was approved by the SDSU Senate on Dec. 2, 2014.

Although there are many roadblocks, implementing a fall break would be extremely beneficial to the mental health of SDSU students.

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