Drones take flight above ENS field

by Joe Kendall, Staff Photographer

Aztec AIR is an offshoot of the San Diego State’s Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. They specialize in the building and flight of piloted and autonomous drones and quadcopters. If you are interested in joining the IEEE or Aztec A.I.R. information can be found on their website.

news_photostory_joeClub Vice President Eric Johnson connects the drones to batteries that allow the drone roughly 15 minutes of flight time.

news_photostory_joes2IEEE members fold out 6 carbon-fiber arms that each hold on of the drones 6 motors.

news_photostory_joe4IEEE Vice-President Eric Johnson pilots the drone through takeoff on the ENS athletic field.

news_photostoryjoe12 members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and Aztec Aeronautical Integrated Robtocis pose for a group photo in front of their teams handiwork.