CF: The Pack is Back

by Staff

Spring is here and it’s officially festival season. With Coachella upon us and many more to come, it’s time to begin formulating the perfect festival outfit. I have my cut-off denim shorts and vintage cropped band tees all ready to rock, but here comes the hard part – finding a bag to store my tickets, money, sunscreen, and other necessities that I won’t have to worry about losing or getting stolen. My mother had her own horrific solution to this – a lime green fanny pack that could be seen for miles. I quickly rejected the offer and wished I had never asked. However, my mother might have been on to something. While her hip ’80s “bumbag” should just be left in the past, a fanny pack of some sort could be the perfect solution to my problem.

This Fashionista has the right idea. She sports a stylish maroon leather fanny pack to accessorize her vintage tee, blue cardigan, jeans and brown moccasins. With a pair of sunglasses hanging from her tee, this outfit is the epitome of Southern California cool and casual. Fanny packs can carry everything necessary for a concert or festival and you never have to worry about them leaving your side, because, well, they’re clipped to you.

Even celebrities like Rihanna have been photographed sporting this convenient style. Here she wears a leopard pack for a wild and fierce look. Here she wears a pink Louis Vuitton pack for a chic and girly look.

Hint: Take a tip from Rihanna and this Fashionista – if you think there aren’t any cute fanny packs out there, you’re just looking for them in the wrong places. This Ecote pack from Urban Outfitters comes in tan or black and would be the perfect festival accessory to hold all of your necessities.