Choosing a major based on passion rather than stability leads to happiness

by Jordan Rubin, Contributor

Life doesn’t have to be about making money or having a specific job title. Passion for a career and life activities allows life to be most enjoyable.

Being a college student forced with choosing a major can be very stressful, due to the fear of not succeeding in the field chosen to pursue. Choosing a major based on a potential future salary can cause an unhappy life. According to the Fowler College of Business here at San Diego State, one of the top ten reasons college students leave or drop out is because they chose the wrong major. Everyone has the ability to choose what he or she is passionate about and the ability to pursue a dream. No one should choose the wrong major just because the people around them say it’s the secure choice to make.

Life is too short to be doing what one doesn’t love — as cliche as it may sound. Passion for a career makes waking up for work every morning less dreadful. If more people were able to choose what they wanted in life based on their goals and desires instead of the set pathway to success society guarantees based on a chosen major, people would be a lot happier with what they are doing.

Money can be made at all times throughout life yet taken away randomly. There is no set plan for success and the only way to achieve success in the form of happiness is by doing what one loves. Make money through creative ways that allow goals to be fulfilled —it shouldn’t matter what major or career path is chosen. One can major in biology in hopes of becoming a doctor and still be an entrepreneur on the side if that is their passion.  Don’t let others get in the way of victory. It is important to make the most out of every situation and to show people that expect others to follow societal expectations that they are wrong.

Take the step and decide to change a current major if it was chosen based on what others advised would be best. Choosing a major based on fervor gives the ability to finally accomplish goals and leave the skeptics behind.  Having a passion for something, and following that passion can bring genuine happiness and have lasting impressions on others. The only way to truly succeed is to achieve the goals in life set for oneself, not ones others set. Goals and desires are possible to achieve if one is able to picture them and do everything in their power to reach them. Take the risk ­— it’s okay to feel insecure at times. A lot of the time, taking the safe path in regards to a career won’t bring happiness. Nothing can get in the way of the decisions that are in each individual’s hands.