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Transitioning into fall fashion can prove difficult when a shift in weather seems far from forthcoming.

While the so-called autumn in San Diego may seem like nothing more than an alleged title given to an impalpable season, a handful of students prove that it is possible to integrate fall pieces into everyday campus looks.  

Ryan Northrop, a junior majoring in general business, sauntered past the koi pond in his all-white Converse, a utility backpack slung cooly over his shoulder as he carried his skateboard through the shade to escape the heat.

His grey Uniqlo socks peeked out from beneath his vintage plaid pants, paired effortlessly with a thrifted black “Scarface tee.

Northrop’s attention to detail and attraction to the unique shined through in his simple yet one-of-a-kind jewelry. No stranger to vintage, he stumbled upon his rings while thrifting and crafted his necklaces from scraps.

On one wrist, a dainty Maria Branco bracelet jangled next to a blue piece Northrop constructed himself from beads found at Hobby Lobby. On the other, a handful of safety pins enjoyed their new aesthetic form, linked tastefully together to compose a chain.

As he laughed under a willow tree, Northrop’s look oozed on-trend excellence — proof that following the season’s latest trends transcends both temperatures and price tags.

How do you define your style?

I would say it’s in between. It’s below high fashion, but above streetwear. I try to take a lot of inspiration from runway and high fashion stuff and implement it with streetwear brands and  anything I can thrift. West coast vibes, with a lot of skater influence.

Who influences your style?

My biggest style inspiration is YG. Subsequently, I would say ASAP Rocky, because, obviously, ASAP Rocky’s the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) and I would love to dress like him, but I just can’t afford the brands that he wears. YG wears a lot of simpler stuff, a lot of LA brands. I’m from LA so I love a lot of Los Angeles-based designers and YG really supports that. So I kind of try to dress like him, with a lot of cropped pants, high-top Chucks, graphic tees and what not.

What are some of your favorite brands?

It changes constantly, but at the moment I would say Online Ceramics, Advisory Board Crystals, John Elliott and Off-White because Virgil is just an icon. All of those besides Off-White are Los Angeles-based companies, which is my vibe.

Where are your favorite places to thrift?

Any swap meet I can find. When I’m back home in Los Angeles, the Melrose swap meet. The Rose Bowl Flea Market whenever it’s in town. Here in San Diego I like Kobey’s Swap Meet over in Point Loma — that’s a pretty sick place. And then pretty much any Goodwill I can find. Wasteland in Los Angeles too. I’d say 40 percent of my wardrobe is from Wasteland, 40 percent is from other vintage places and the rest is from retailers. Everything I buy is always really cheap — I don’t like paying much money because I’m pretty broke. I’m on that college student life.

Fashion Week just started, are there any shows that you’re looking forward to?

I just watched the John Elliott show in class — I’m a big John Elliott guy.

What advice do you have for students looking to stay on-trend this fall?

I think an outfit really improves by the way the pants fit on a person. A lot of people have really poor-fitting pants. One way to stay on-trend for the fall season is through cropped pants, not super long ones that billow up by your feet. Be comfortable wearing wide pants! Pretty much every fashion show these past two seasons has been all about wide trousers, straight-leg pants and workwear. Dickies, cuffed-up pants, anything cropped, anything a little wider — just feel free to run with it. And have confidence with whatever you wear, because if you’re wearing something and you’re not confident with it, it’s not gonna look good on you. So have confidence — what you project is what it’s going to look like.

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Scene at state