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Kelly Kerrigan

Bringing old aspects of past decades into modern society has been quite the trend nowadays, whether it is with music, art, hairstyles and so much more.

For graphic design junior Erin Boyle, it is the basis of her style. Every season, old trends from the ’60s and ’70s make their way back into fashion magazines and onto young people. From bell-bottom jeans to converse high tops to striped cropped shirts, recycling clothes from the past is something millenials love to do.

Boyle mixes in the current trends with her own unique twist on every piece, walking around San Diego State everyday looking straight out of Vogue’s latest issue. She accessorizes her on-campus looks with small colored sunglasses, vintage jeans and her favorite Dr. Martens shoes.  

While dressing up for class is a difficult task for some people, for Boyle it is her own form of artistic self-expression showing off her creative mind. She recycles her clothes, never wearing the same thing more than once, and uses sites like Depop and Poshmark to find her newest vintage treasure.

Boyle is not afraid to take risks. You might see her sporting a patterned sundress paired with her white platform gym shoes, or mixing two patterns into one outfit. Her passion for art shows in her style, making it apparent that she puts time into every outfit she wears, knowing that it is a statement of who she is.

Describe your style.

I would say my style is chic and feminine, yet inspired by the latest trends. I like to experiment with new styles and put my own feminine touch on them. Vintage pieces are my absolute favorite because they embody so much history and personality in them.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

When it comes to shopping, I buy most of my pieces secondhand or from boutiques. I adore the Australian boutique Verge Girl. I get a lot of fashion inspo from them, as well as Dollskill, I Am Gia and Tiger Mist. I shop on Depop, which is basically an online thrift store. You can find so many unique pieces from different shops and sellers that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. As my style has progressed, I’ve tended to stray away from mainstream stores unless I’m looking for basics like jeans (or) shoes. If affordability wasn’t an issue, I would love to get my hands on pieces from Realisation Par, Orseund Iris, Are You Am I and vintage Chanel anything.

Who are your biggest fashion inspirations?

Like I mentioned earlier, Verge Girl is a major source of inspo for me. Their style is funky and chic, and I love how their stylists pair together unlikely pieces that flow effortlessly. Madison Beer is also a style queen. She’s more on the sporty side, but I would wear anything I see on her. I get some of my inspiration from Tumblr, and I would say I admire the Southern California and Australian chic street style.

When did you get into fashion?

I’ve been into fashion since I was a pre-teen and got my hands on Teen Vogue and other fashion magazines. My senior year of high school, I was voted best dressed, even though I look back at pictures and cringe at what I was wearing. But I really think coming to college and finding my passion in the arts and graphic design has heavily influenced my viewpoint of fashion.

Tell me about your Poshmark account.

I actually haven’t sold pieces on my account in a long time. It’s a lot of work to keep up with while in school. I probably should start it up again because it’s such a good way to earn money and, in turn, use that money towards new pieces. I’m so bad with my money. I am a sucker for clothing and especially if I’m getting an item discounted, I cannot resist. I made over $800 on Poshmark one summer and spent it all on other items. Kind of pathetic, I know. I’m drifting more towards Depop now because I dig the style and concept of that app more than Poshmark.

If you could only have one clothing item for the rest of your life what would it be?

My platform Dr. (Martens).

What is a fashion trend you love? One you hate?

A fashion trend I love is, and will forever be, Dr. Martens, high-waisted jeans/shorts, platform shoes, slim sunnies and fanny packs.

Honestly, I can’t come across a trend I don’t like because I feel like anyone could put their own twist on a trend. Like fanny packs? Never thought those would be a thing and now they complete outfits. I love how fashion recycles yet evolves and expands on past pieces. This goes hand in hand with my love for vintage pieces and putting a trending twist on out-of-date items.

Being an art major, how do you think that influences your style?

Ever since I decided to switch my major and pursue the arts, I have felt a creative energy blossom in me. Being an art major, every day you have new tasks and assignments that allow you to explore your creative mind, and I think this has carried over into my sense of style. For me, fashion is another art form and a way to express yourself. A lot of the artwork I enjoy creating are graphic collages in which I do incorporate fashion and designers into them, and they in turn have become my inspiration. I have never really studied or looked into major designers before, and now I am totally obsessed with collections, new and vintage of high-end designers. I admire their creative eye and how well they can envision art in the form of clothing.

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