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Courtesy of Shadi Karbasi and Delfina Glover
Interior architecture senior Shadi Karbasi and business management junior Delfina Glover sell pieces on their Instagram pages, @delfinaglover and @shadi.karbasi.

Vintage and recycled clothing is coming back into style more than ever. People are starting to make conscious efforts to find articles of environmentally-friendly clothing no one else could possibly have. Thrift stores and retail shops are booming with business as people go to them to find small treasures to make their everyday style completely unique.

For interior architecture senior Shadi Karbasi and business management junior Delfina Glover, recycled clothing inspired the duo to take their artistic abilities to a new level. What started as a hobby has now grown into something bigger for the two.

Glover and Karbasi take clothing pieces and fabrics to hand make custom pieces for any occasion. A regular old sweatshirt can be turned into a fashion statement by the hands of these artists. The two have been selling these pieces at various art shows around San Diego and through Instagram.

Explain what you do.

DG: We thrift and up-cycled clothes while also focusing on custom orders. Since Coachella is right around the corner, we are doing a lot of vibrant, flowy and festival-vibe pieces for people.

How did you decide to start working on this together?

SK: We decided on working together because of an opportunity that was given to us to be in an art show, so it started off more like art than selling clothing.

Delfina does a lot of re-work for clothing, and I like to make clothing from scratch. So, one day we were talking about it in front of my boyfriend, who is in Family Reunion, and he was like, ‘Why don’t you guys show your stuff next week at our event?’ That’s where it all started. I usually sketch out designs and then make them.

DG: Both of us have always had a passion for clothes. While each of us are creative, I had the sewing experience and Shadi has an incredible, imaginative ability that brings a different creative aspect when we come together. One of our close friends was looking for extra vendors in a show coming up and we volunteered ourselves and everything started happening really quickly from there.

Where have you sold your pieces?

SK: We have sold pieces at Family Reunion events where we display our work or people message us personally and we design custom pieces for them.

What are your goals with this?

SK: My goal is to be able to create the best pieces that come to mind and to create the ideal pieces that people want but are not able to find. One fabric and style per piece and it is never repeated.

DG: I have always loved to sew and have been creating things since I was a little girl. My passion for clothing and fashion kind of sprung this interest in thrifting and making old clothes into something better, whether it was old Levi jeans into shorts or a vintage dress into a new two-piece set. Making items for myself then turned into me wanting to make them for others.

How would you describe your style?

SK: I would describe my style as colorful, patterned, sometimes streetwear and out of the ordinary. Each individual is art, so dress yourself to be like the best art piece you can be.

DG: My personal style is mostly street style and vintage wear combined. Comfort is key while always keeping some class. You have to bring your own spunk to the environment.

Who are your style inspirations?

SK: Dolce and Gabbana is my favorite designer. For Love and Lemons is a huge inspiration to me because they were girls that started their company in college and it is super successful now. Random clothing websites and designers are my favorites. I could spend hours on Instagram just looking at companies and designers, one of my favorites is Jadedldn.

DG: I take a lot of style inspiration from musical artists like Rihanna and Billie Eilish. I’m constantly saving things on my Instagram that come up and I think are great to use as inspiration for my next piece.

What do you think is special about handmade clothing?

SK: I think the best thing about handmade clothing is all the details and personalized things you can do. Fitting it specifically to a person, adding the smallest details like stitching color, it is just so fun and I honestly look forward to designing new pieces.

DG: Knowing the time and effort that goes into each piece is something more special than just clicking the buy button on Forever 21. Especially since we are selling locally right now, it’s easier to put a face to a product and our buyers know that we worked really hard to make their piece extra special for them to fit them perfectly. Finding the correct fabrics and then cutting and sewing them together, some pieces take us over two days to complete.

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