Senior Farewell: David Santillan

by David Santillan, Assistant News Editor

And seven years later I’m finally done! When I graduated high school I wanted to be a photographer. Funny how things change. But it was through that path that I found my true calling as a journalist.

I’d like to thank my best friend Clara Benitez for inspiring me in pursuing this path. Journalism isn’t an easy career, but nothing worth doing is ever easy. I first joined The Daily Aztec when I came to SDSU two years ago, after transferring from Palomar community college.

I didn’t have a whole lot of newspaper experience but the staff took a chance on me and I was hired as the social media editor. I also had no idea what to expect coming in. I was still new to journalism and everyone else in the newsroom seemed super experienced in comparison.

Lucky for me I was surrounded by some of the best people on campus who took me under their wing and shaped me into the journalist I am today. There were several times where working at the DA felt like being in a never ending episode of The Office (I was Jim). But some of my best college memories were made in that dark dungeon we call a basement. Fun fact: it’s definitely haunted.

Being part of this newspaper allowed me to meet students from all walks of life. Hearing their struggles, their hopes and their dreams has been one of the most humbling experiences I’m thankful to have.

I was also lucky enough to be part of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. This organization has helped me understand what I means to be a Latino in news and the responsibility I have to represent my community in media.

Huge shout out to Dr. Nate, keep inspiring students to achieve their full potential and keep fighting for us when no one else is.

To Andrew Dyer, you taught me to not be afraid of standing up to administrators, professors and others in a position of power. No one in this university is above being held accountable for their actions.

To Bella Ross, your courage and passion have taught me to not fear reporting on inconvenient truths. To the SDSU community, I thank you for your support in reading our stories and supporting the journalism we do.

To next year’s DA staff: give ‘em hell.

I encourage anyone who’s reading this to support our newsroom in any way you can and to support all types of journalism. We live in a scary world where we need journalists doing their jobs now more than ever.

Lastly, I’d like to thank my best friend Candice Loughridge, who’s been by my side all these years supporting me and is the only other person that knows me better than I do. Bah oui!

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