SDSU launches Free Speech site, Inclusivity portal to raise awareness of student rights

by Oliver Schacht, Contributor

San Diego State has launched two new web-based resources that will provide students with information regarding free speech rights and a mechanism to report incidents related to inclusivity on campus.

The university created two new websites –  a Free Speech site and Inclusive SDSU – to engage students on their rights and responsibilities surrounding the use of speech on campus.

“The new Free Speech site is just an avenue for students to get educated on what it means to use free speech and what the difference between free speech and hate speech is,” Associated Students President Christian Onwuka said. 

Now their goal is to make students aware of the new website.

“I think it is important, especially because the political climate that we are in right now as a country,” Onwuka said. “To draw that line between free speech and hate speech but still encourage students to be confident and empowered to use their voice and tell the university and their constituents what they need to hear.”

According to SDSU Newscenter,, the development of both online resources collectively involved representatives of SDSU Divisions of Student Affairs and Business and Financial Affairs, as well as Faculty Advancement, Associated Students and other areas of campus.

The free speech website contains information regarding Constitutional rights of students.

“Our campus is committed to its academic mission and public mandate to serve as a place where individuals from diverse perspectives can freely express and explore ideas, concepts and opinions,” according to the Free Speech site. 

The Free Speech site will be updated with more current information and additional resources over time. 

The university also launched Inclusive SDSU to focus on diversity and inclusion.

“The Inclusive reporting system is a new resource that is available to students on campus that allows students to share information about positive or negative events related to diversity and inclusion on campus,” Associate Chief Diversity Officer for Student Engagement Jessica Nare said.

Nare said the ability to report incidents — positive or negative — is important in ensuring SDSU remains a welcoming campus for all students.

“The portal is a way to highlight positive interactions but also report when a negative incident occurs,” Nare said. “Our goals are to really make sure that students feel welcome, safe and included on campus.”

The university will review the submissions of the Inclusive Reporting System to recognize patterns of occurrences on our campus that may require coordinated action.

“It allows us to track any common themes that arrive as a really biased incident so that our campus can respond and be aware of some of the prevention and intervention to address these specific biased concerns our students are reporting,” Nare said.