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Kaepernick’s protest is a utilization of free speech

by Patrick Doyle, Staff Writer // February 26, 2020

Former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat for the national anthem for the first time in August  2016. It took a few months for any outrage to begin,...

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Latinx community should rally behind black-led movements

Latinx community should rally behind black-led movements

by Charlie Vargas, Staff Writer // February 19, 2020

As I watched the Super Bowl Halftime unfold, I faced a wave of conflicting emotions. On the one hand, it was delightful to have two Latina women headline...

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Why I can’t support the NFL and what it condones anymore

by Chance Page , Contributor // November 1, 2017

The National Football League is in turmoil. Those who oppose the widespread protests NFL players are making against racial inequality and police brutality,...

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Understand what #TakeAKnee really stands for

by Julie Cappiello , Contributor // October 4, 2017

There are dark forces haunting America — a shadow of hate has fallen over the country. While it has always been there, it is now darker than ever. President...

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Should SDSU athletes kneel as a means of protest?

by Kemi Giwa , Staff Writer // October 4, 2017

Many college football players watched in amazement as NFL players joined in solidarity with former pro quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. The man who pioneered...

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Modern activism makes a lot of noise but doesn’t get a lot of results

by John Ciulla, Contributor // November 3, 2016
Modern activism has become more about being provocative than pursuing tangible results.
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