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Opinion: DACA recipients should have a secure pathway to citizenship now

Opinion: DACA recipients should have a secure pathway to citizenship now

by Juan Daniel Avila, Staff Writer // April 14, 2021

In just the last four years of the Trump administration, 800,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, also known as “Dreamers,”...

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University affirms support of students, families implicated in Trump Administrations extended travel ban

University affirms support of students, families implicated in Trump Administration’s extended travel ban

by Jadyn Brandt, Staff Writer // February 5, 2020

On Jan. 31, San Diego State sent a campus-wide email detailing President Donald Trump’s extension of the travel ban and its relation to the university. The...

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Democrats should support open border immigration

Democrats should support open border immigration

by Dylan Meisner, Staff Writer // January 29, 2020

One constant refrain heard from Republicans as the Democratic presidential candidates debate amongst themselves in the run-up to the primary elections...

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Various organizations came together on Oct. 29 to discuss refugee and migration policies.

Campus panel explores crossroads between human rights, migration

by Johann Derek Oribello, Senior Staff Writer // November 2, 2019

The San Diego State Interdisciplinary Human Rights Initiative hosted “Human Rights and Migration at a Crossroads” on Oct. 29, featuring nine local...

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We need to address the ongoing crisis on our border

by Ellyse Logan, Contributor // August 26, 2019

These are trying times in the U.S. People are locked up in cages at the border and children are being left without parents as ICE raids continue throughout...

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The myth of objectivity in journalism failed the Latinx victims in El Paso

by Charlie Vargas, Staff Writer // August 21, 2019

Earlier this month, in El Paso, the U.S. saw one of the deadliest anti-Latinx hate crimes in decades. 22 people lost their lives.  The motive of the...

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SDSU students and faculty collect letters from detained migrants

by Jocelyn Moran , Managing Editor // February 13, 2019

San Diego State students and faculty participated in a research project aimed at depicting the conditions detained refugees and migrants are living...

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El”llanto colectivo” fue un acto hecho por el Centro Maestras como acto de solidaridad a las familias separadas.

Manifestantes protestan separación de familias migrantes frente edificio de ICE

by Diane Lopez, Escritora // September 19, 2018

Durante el fin de semana de la independencia mexicana, activistas de la comunidad de San Diego se unieron en frente del Centro Detención de ICE en el...

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Families share tears, hugs and words in ‘Opening the Door of Hope’ event at Friendship Park

by Jocelyn Moran and Marcela Camargo // November 19, 2017

Tears were shared on both sides of the border as 12 families met and reunited with loved ones on Nov. 18 at Friendship Park in Border Angels' “Opening...

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The Estamos Aquí art exhibition located in the School of Art and Designs downtown San Diego gallery showcases the U.S. and Mexico transborder experience.

‘Estamos Aquí’ art gallery shares U.S. and Mexico border experiences

by Stacy Marquez, Staff Writer // October 20, 2017

The San Diego State School of Art and Design offers four galleries for students and faculty to share their art with the public and the SDSU community. The...

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SDSUPD Chief Josh Mays discusses immigration enforcement issues with students in a forum Oct. 4.

SDSU police chief holds forum on concerns about immigration enforcement

by Lauren J. Mapp, Staff Writer // October 7, 2017

San Diego State Police Department Chief Josh Mays addressed student concerns about Border Patrol agents being on campus in a forum organized by SDSU Education...

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A sign from the May Day march on campus expresses student frustrations over uncertain immigration policies under President Trump.

SDSU issues letter to Trump urging him to retain DACA

by Will Fritz, News Editor // September 3, 2017

San Diego State University administrators, including Interim President Sally Roush, issued a letter — addressed to President Trump — in support of...

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