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Book bans rob students of expanded worldview

by John Anderson // August 8, 2011

Mark down another win for censorship and intellectual oppression. A concerned parent’s complaint has led to the banning of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse-Five”...

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Defend video games as art, not as a threat

by John Anderson // July 10, 2011

I would love to justify pouring — truly — countless hours of my life into video games as exploring artistic expression. I firmly believe some of...

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Game bans essential for bigoted pros

by John Anderson // April 25, 2011

True panache: Cristal, beluga caviar, fine Italian suits and the two Kobes: beef and Bryant. Kobe Bryant is a velvet battering ram, a powerfully smooth...

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Gentlemen, get HPV vaccines for the ladies

by John Anderson // March 22, 2011

Chivalry is dead. No longer do women wait for men to throw their coats on muddy puddles. No longer does society demand they rely on men for a standard...

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SDSU pays $4.57 million for wrongful firing

by John Anderson // March 8, 2011

I daresay most of us weren’t around when San Diego State’s strength and conditioning coach David Ohton was removed from Aztec Football in 2003,...

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SDSU should defend from predatory banking

by John Anderson // February 3, 2011

Urgent Attention Required.” The words glared up at me from the page of the innocuous letter I’d just torn open. “Uh-oh.” This letter is to...

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Public shaming is an effective alternative to prison

by John Anderson // January 23, 2011

You open Facebook and your eyes dart to the top of your news feed. An old high school friend’s DUI mugshot glares back. Shame on you, Trey Parker...

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