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Photo courtesy of Bob Chamberlin/Los Angeles Times/MCT

CSU students remain uninsured despite Obamacare

by Elpin Keshishzadeh // February 24, 2014

A recent poll shows 30 percent of students in the California State University system may be uninsured and the high cost of healthcare is the principal...

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Photo Courtesy of Olivier Douliery, Abaca Press

Covered California cares for health plans

by April Testerman // December 9, 2013

Between planning next semester’s class schedule, cramming for finals, or making winter break plans, students may have another decision to make. As...

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Healthcare is more affordable than you think

by Morgan Rubin // October 16, 2013

As college students, our lack of substantial finances has allowed us to become the masters of Top Ramen, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Pop Tarts. We realize...

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