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SDSU researchers discovered a new planet, Kepler 47b, a circumbinary planet.

SDSU researchers discover new planet

by Aretha Matsushima, Staff Writer // May 1, 2019

A group of San Diego State astronomers located a third planet within the Kepler 47 system with findings unique to other circumbinary planet discoveries....

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Annan Gaggi, Staff Cartoonist

Get more involved and help conserve our Earth

by Hannah Willis, Staff Columnist // April 20, 2016

As Leonardo DiCaprio said during his Oscar’s acceptance speech, “climate change is real,” and “it is happening right now.” As a society, it...

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SDSU astronomers discover new planet

SDSU astronomers discover new planet

by Maria del Carmen Huerta, Staff Writer // August 24, 2015

At the 29th International Astronomical Union General Assembly on August 14, San Diego State astronomy professors William Welsh and Jerome Orosz announced...

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