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Activists host Afghanistan citizen human rights protest

by Adam Correa, Contributor // August 31, 2021

On Saturday, Aug. 28, a global movement took place in 41 cities and 17 countries around the world. One of those cities was San Diego. About 250 people...

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Anti-lockdown movement puts conservative America’s toxic distrust in experts on display

by Dylan Meisner, Staff Writer // April 29, 2020

As Americans hunker down in our homes, trying to weather the viral storm of COVID-19, some Americans from all around the country have taken to the streets...

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Protestors gather in Downtown San Diego in opposition to California Governor Gavin Newsoms stay-at-home order on April 18. The protest persisted despite local regulations limiting large gatherings.

Opinion: Protests against stay-at-home orders put public health at risk

by Roxana Becerril, Engagement Editor // April 22, 2020

It was an ordinary day in quarantine for me on Saturday, April 18. As a firm believer of stay-at-home orders and the importance of flattening the curve...

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Kaepernick’s protest is a utilization of free speech

by Patrick Doyle, Staff Writer // February 26, 2020

Former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat for the national anthem for the first time in August  2016. It took a few months for any outrage to begin,...

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Students and faculty representing the Africans Charge Genocide group protest the potential ban on two guest speakers accused of anti-Semitism.

Pro-reparations group protests potential ban on campus speakers accused of anti-Semitism

by Katelynn Robinson, Staff Writer // February 21, 2020

On Feb. 19, students and faculty of the Africans Charge Genocide group protested the potential ban on formerly selected guest speakers Ava Muhammad and...

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Protests in Ecuadorian capital halt SDSU study abroad experiences

by Jadyn Brandt, Staff Writer // November 22, 2019

Recent protests in Ecuador have affected San Diego State students’ study abroad experiences this semester.  It is the second instance of unrest in...

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Our politicians must act on climate change

Our politicians must act on climate change

by Catherine Van Weele, Opinion Editor // September 25, 2019

Climate change and the negative ramifications on our planet are undeniable. There is an abundance of scientific evidence and research to support this potentially...

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It’s time to rethink the way we view progress

by Charlie Vargas, Staff Writer // September 11, 2019

Too often the idea of progress is equated to linearity. As a result, statements like, "It is 2019. How is it that we are still (fill in the blank)?" become...

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Hundreds march to protest migrant detention centers in San Ysidro

July 12, 2019

Activists gathered to protest the living conditions of the migrant detention centers, abolish ICE and raise awareness.

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Student activists hold signs in front of Hepner Hall at San Diego State during the rally on Thursday, April 18, 2019.

SDSU’s black community presents list of demands in response to racial intolerance on campus

by Lauren J. Mapp, Senior Staff Writer // April 19, 2019

Black students, allies and faculty members marched down Campanile Drive to Hepner Hall during a rally on April 18 where supporters demonstrated their intolerance...

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Initiative requiring non-local sophomores to live on campus attracts opposition through protest, petition

Initiative requiring non-local sophomores to live on campus attracts opposition through protest, petition

by Johann Derek Oribello, Staff Writer // March 22, 2019

Students on Monday, March 18, staged a protest against the Sophomore Success Program, which will require non-local San Diego State students to live on...

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Members of MEChA de SDSU gathered outside Arts and Letters on March 6 to rally in solidarity with poor students.

MEChA rally leads University Senate to consider economic factors in admissions, extend Compact for Success program

by Johann Derek Oribello, Staff Writer // March 13, 2019

The San Diego State University Senate decided to consider economic factors in the university’s admission process on March 5 in a push toward the inclusion...

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