A.S. BRIEF: 2-16-10

by Staff

Multi-Cultural Caucus Chair
An effort by several Associated Students representatives to take a vote of no confidence in Multi-Cultural Caucus Chair Michael Toubi last Wednesday was tabled until tomorrow’s A.S. meeting.

“I am not willing to step down, because this tangled debacle is being solved,” Toubi said during last Wednesday’s A.S. Council meeting.

Natalie McKenna, of the Andrea O’Donnell Women’s Outreach Association, Isaac Castro, of LGBTSU and Brian Talton, of the Afrikan Student Union, were among the proponents of taking the vote last week, but were outnumbered by representatives who wanted to wait until the MCC had its meeting Monday.

Public Safety Update
San Diego State Police Chief John Browning spoke at last week’s A.S. council meeting to address the issue of theft on campus. Browning said last year there was at least one theft for every day of the year, with about 400 cases reported on campus.

“If you leave it unattended, people will take your stuff, plain and simple,” Browning said.

The police chief also addressed issues such as the ongoing travel alert in Mexico and aggressive pandering by individuals or groups looking to fundraise on campus.

While arrests increased 11 percent last year, Browning said the overall university crime rate had decreased from previous years.

-Compiled by City Editor Whitney Lawrence

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