Freshman found dead in turtle pond


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Holden Caulfield, Angsty Teenager

At midnight last Monday, paranomal activity became apparent on campus after a San Diego State student was found dead pinned beneath rocks in the turtle pond.

Juan Derrer, geography freshman had a tremendous interest of uncovering geography of the paranormal realm. He was last seen leaving his apartment complex at 10 p.m., according to his roommate Eule B. Next.

“He was always roaming around campus searching for areas with weird stuff going on,” Next said. “Honestly, it freaked me out. I’ve been trying to find a new roommate for a while.”

Next said it was very common to find Derrer playing the Ouija board at midnight during weekdays in the living room and would almost never leave his apartment.

When SDSU paranormal detectives Joe Murdock, arrived at the scene today, he found Derrer with no visible marks of violence but a blue mark resembling a turtle bite next to his belly button.

“The mark has a three- dimensional aspect resembling a black hole leading to his belly button,” Murdock said. “It is a very unusual finding and we will keep the body in order to analyze it more closely.”

Murdock also mentioned a similar case that involved a blue mark found on a 12-year-old girl in early May last year.

Murdock said he hopes it doesn’t turn out to be anything like that case. Murdock said after the girl was found cooked to death inside her middle school’s cafeteria. The school closed because of the paranormal activity.

“They would find kids flying inside homerooms, teachers chairs were moved right before they sat down,” Murdock explained. “The most unusual thing happened when the cafeteria became so cold, it was impossible to cook anything in it.”

Juan Derrer was removed from the turtle pond, but there is still no information as to where his body was taken, even though his presence is still felt on campus.

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