What it takes to be an Aztec

by Cami Buckman, Staff Writer

Welcome to the beginning of your college career. Are you excited? I bet you’ve watched all of the college-genre movies, read all of the Buzzfeed articles and heard all of the anecdotes about “crazy college nights.” However, now you’re finally here, and the craziness is about to begin. So, are you ready?

So you think you can proudly wear the colors of black and red? A sea of crimson is coming your way, and it’s too late to turn back now. Gone are the days where red paired with black was a coincidental pairing. Now, you bleed two colors.

So you think you can have pride toward this university? Weakened voices from cheering and temporary deafness from the roar of a dedicated crowd will soon become a norm for you at sporting events. When we are defeated, you will stand proud. When we are victorious, you will stand taller.

So you think you can create relationships that will last a lifetime? You might find some of your best friends quickly, and some might take a while to come into your life. No matter when you may find your niche, know that you will surely find it. You will soon learn that professors are more than just teachers, resident advisers are more than just advisers, and roommates are more that just assigned living companions.

So you think you can stay awake for hours into the early morning, hysterically laughing and enjoying the company of new friends? Your eyes will be fighting to stay open, but the moments you spend with friends are too sublime to end. Although, let this stand as a warning. You may have multiple sleepless nights per week.

So you think you can handle the chaos during lunch hour? Keep your eyes peeled at all times because you never know what is headed your way. Be on the look out for bikers, skaters, golf carts, and worst of all, hungry students.

So you think you can defend our name against all who seek to undermine us? A wise and noble philosopher once said, “They hate us cause they ain’t us.” Here at San Diego State, we make our haters into our motivators.

*So you think you can embrace the never-ending sunshine? Whether you’re a Southern California native or completely new to the west coast, there is something special about San Diego. There’s no need to worry, however. You will soon learn this for yourself.

So you think you can expand your mind to places you didn’t even realize were possible to reach? Be prepared for multiple mind-blowing lectures and conversations because they are surely headed your way. The world is your classroom, and you’re about to be a student sitting in the front row.

*So you think you can protect one another and lend support? There are more than 33,000 students that make up the campus of SDSU. That’s more than 33,000 unique personalities, aspirations, ideals and opinions. Even with the diversity on this campus, each and every individual shares one common trait: we protect and support our own.

So you think you can handle the overwhelming amount of opportunity available at your fingertips? Get used to excelling and breaking barriers because soon you will not even be comparable to competition. We expect the best out of each and every individual here, and we expect nothing less than excellence from you.

So you think you can be a part of a community bigger than its name, location, or reputation? SDSU is more than a source of education, a beacon of possibility, a source of identity and fulfillment or a starting point for adventure. Forget everything you have heard about college, and forget all of the advice people have given you. It’s time to make your own mistakes, and it’s time to make your own advice. It’s time to create your own college experience.

So you think you can be an Aztec? Let’s find out.

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