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Letters: CAPP fine confusion, Islamophobic tweets from member of College Republicans

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Get the facts straight on CAPP fines and city ordinance changes

Re: New city ordinance changes and SDSU’s Sophomore Success Program bad news for students

What does it take to correct misinformation regarding ordinances recently passed by city council?

The increased fines are not directed at students and are not in any way related to the CAPP program.  The City Council said so publicly at the hearing and earlier at the rules committee. The city attorney issued a letter explaining that the fines to parties are administered by SDPD while the fines in question are administered by Development Services Department. This information was delivered to Mr. Colliflower before the city council hearing.  They are entirely different programs as has been explained repeatedly.

Mini dorm refers to high occupancy high turn over rentals typically to students.  More than 80 percent of mini dorms in the College area have five or fewer bedrooms. This ordinance is designed to ensure that all houses in the College area are consistent with single-family residential zoning. This will not significantly affect the availability of rentals in the College Area. There is nothing to stop the converting of family homes to rental properties as long as they are five or six bedrooms.

Ann Cottrell, professor emeritus of Sociology

Editor’s note: Emily Alvarenga acknowledged in her story there was concern that fine increases would affect CAPP fines but did not claim they would. She also noted that Marti Emerald’s office said they would not. The Daily Aztec has confirmed CAPP fines are separate from municipal fines and will not be affected by the ordinance. We apologize for any confusion.

College Republicans have yet to address Islamophobic tweets from member

After the election there was a robbery on campus in which a Muslim woman was targeted because she was wearing a hijab. Many, including the SDSU College Republicans, condemned this incident.
The SDSU College Republicans released a statement encouraging unity on campus. This post is significant and important, especially to those who fear they could be the next victim of a hateful person who supports Trump. In addition to their post, the chair of the College Republicans reached out to the Muslim Student Association to “express a willingness to help” as reported by the Daily Aztec.

Unfortunately, not all members of the SDSU College Republicans share this view. Vanessa McGoldrick, a junior majoring in Philosophy and member of the College Republicans, made Islamophobic tweets on her account.

I told the organization about Ms. McGoldrick’s tweets. They thanked me and said that they would “handle it efficiently to ensure it never happens again,” and asked for advice on how they should move forward. I stressed education, open mindedness, and actions toward tolerance and unity. I followed up with the organization multiple times, yet there have been no words or actions further addressing Ms. McGoldrick or Islamophobia.

I urge the SDSU campus to take action against hateful speech. Islamophobia, bigotry and willful ignorance cannot be part of any campus regardless of who is President. The campus must promote tolerance, understanding, and kindness — and speak up against the spread of misinformation and ignorance. Do not normalize actions or statements of hate.

Inviting people into the conversation is a start — it is acknowledged and appreciated — but now let’s do something more.

Dawn Joves is a student majoring in sociology and volunteers with various non-profit organizations.

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3 Responses to “Letters: CAPP fine confusion, Islamophobic tweets from member of College Republicans”

  1. John Robertson on December 7th, 2016 4:08 pm

    College students have the right to speak their mind and express themselves how they choose so long as they don’t harm anyone. Regardless of what they say, actions speak louder than words, and the constant bullying to college republicans is immature and borderline oppressive. You guys are in the wrong here, not this student.

  2. Amy J. on December 8th, 2016 8:00 pm


    I just wanted to point out that there have been no “actions” taken against the College Republicans, just words. Actually, if you analyze the article further, the whole point was that actions speak louder than words – or in this case, inaction. I personally, do not believe that this student should be kicked out or severely punished in any way, however, I do understand that there has been “action” taken against Muslim people in the name of President-Elect Trump and Islamaphobia, so for the purpose of the article (which I assume is to encourage education to prevent such actions), I think that it gets that message across to those who analyze it. Good job, Ms. Joves!

  3. Craig on December 18th, 2016 12:46 am

    Will you ever follow up on the alleged “Muslim robbery”?

    It’s strange that there was never a follow-up to this “Muslim hate crime” possibly fake news story.

    Don’t they have security cameras at S.D. State university? The student in Louisiana was lying as well as the Muslim woman in New York City (she lied so her religious father wouldn’t punish her for getting drunk and staying out late). Is there any evidencd that she was robbed?

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