Student musician seeks to inspire through pop

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Student musician seeks to inspire through pop

Courtesy of Samantha Kacz

Courtesy of Samantha Kacz

Courtesy of Samantha Kacz

by Kayla Johnson, Contributor

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Through a blend of passion and talent, business junior Samantha Kacz is on her way to making a real impact in music. Her love for singing has opened up young Kacz to an abundance of experiences and new opportunities. Bringing together two popular genres, her music is where pop meets the electronic scene.   

While it wasn’t until June 2017 that she decided to really dive into a musical career, it has been a passion of hers since childhood. Kacz recalled an early memory in which her older brother was playing the keyboard in their house and she was inspired by her brother’s talent. She claims this memory as what subconsciously started her passion for music and singing.

To this day, her older brother is still a huge part of her musical career, and she hopes to leave her own impact on people as well. Kacz’s brother has encouraged her pursuit in music as a career  and remains her main support system through every step of the way. Today, Kacz’s brother helps her in the production stage by adding the final touches to the mixing and mastering of her music.

“(Through my music) I’m trying to find myself,” Kacz said. “I would love for other people to be able to find themselves too.”

Kacz said her passion for music comes from the boundless aspect that allows an artist to say everything that usually goes unsaid. When creating her music, there is no situation that won’t go her way. She’s able to express every feeling that would normally be pushed under the rug, and that realness is what draws her to the business.

Kacz is working hard to pursue her dreams of being a touring artists and combining her love for music with her current focus on the business side of marketing.

She is a part of an organization on campus encouraging her to meet her goals. The Aztec Music Group works to provide students who want to become a part of the music industry with the support of peers and staff.

This group is where English and film senior Andrea Hoffman and Kacz first connected and have since worked together on projects and shoots for new releases of music.

Hoffman is an aspiring photographer, eager to help out other students in the Aztec Music Group in any way she can. She has collaborated with Kacz for a few promo shoots for her new songs and fallen in love with Kacz’s  ability to grasp her audience’s attention from the first beat, to the last.

She finds that the student’s music is unique in the context of modern pop.

“I think (Kacz’s) music is interesting and grabs attention because the production is so different from the kind of pop music you hear today,” Hoffman said. “Her songs stick with you even after they end.”

She said she is constantly impressed by the effort Kacz puts into her art.

“Knowing the work that gets put into every track and seeing the growth between releases is honestly super amazing for me to experience,” Hoffman said.

Kacz described her personal journey as fulfilling and rewarding as each new release comes with personal progression.

She said she hopes to continue her career in music after graduating from San Diego State, and is looking forward to being able to combine the world of marketing and music in her future.

Kacz’s music is available on Spotify, and she utilizes Instagram to update about her performances and release dates.

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