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Because of COVID-19, Aztecs Rock Hunger had to plan for this year's food drive virtually, which was viewed as a new opportunity.

Aztecs Rock Hunger kicks off 2020 food drive campaign amidst COVID-19

by Jake Greenfield, Contributor // October 5, 2020

It is two months into the fall semester, and you are walking through the busy student union where you pass a tent with some very passionate students asking...

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The Aztec Rocks Hunger  food drive broke yet another campaign record in its 10th anniversary.

Aztecs Rock Hunger breaks another campaign record in 10th anniversary

by Catlan Nguyen, Staff Writer // December 10, 2019

Associated Students announced a new campaign record for the Aztecs Rock Hunger food drive — 601,607 pounds of food — at the Aztec Student Union courtyard...

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Aztecs Rock Hunger announced a goal to raise 619,000 pounds of food.

Aztecs Rock Hunger sets new fundraising goal for 10th anniversary campaign

by Jeanette Giovanniello, Staff Writer // October 23, 2019

In sight of it’s 10th anniversary, the Aztecs Rock Hunger campaign is striving towards it’s most noteworthy fundraising goal yet, which is more significant...

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Students, faculty and community members who worked on the Aztecs Rock Hunger celebrated a record number of food donations in the student union on Nov. 15.

Aztecs Rock Hunger again collects record high number of food donations

by Gian Matteo Sacchetti, Staff Writer // November 19, 2018

The Aztecs Rock Hunger campaign made it out big this year in food donations, surpassing all previous years’ totals and setting a university record. In...

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Associated Students Vice President of Financial Affairs Hayden Willis unveiled the 2017 Aztecs Rock Hunger grand total.

Aztecs Rock Hunger 2017 Beats Record and Exceeds Goal

by Amber Nelson, Staff Writer // November 6, 2017

The Aztecs Rock Hunger Committee hosted an event on Nov. 3 to announce that the 2017 campaign exceeded its goal of collecting 500,000 pounds of food. It...

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There are a variety of Aztecs Rock Hunger donation bins around campus.

Aztecs Rock Hunger strives to break record

by Bella Ross, Staff Writer // October 11, 2017

Associated Students’ campaign for addressing local food insecurity is officially in full effect and aims to collect a total of 500,000 pounds of food...

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The Associated Students University Council convenes for its bi-weekly meeting Sept. 27.

A.S. Update: Campus safety, homecoming, Aztecs Rock Hunger

by Diana Guevarra, Staff Writer // October 8, 2017

The Associate Students University Council gathered at its bi-weekly meeting Oct. 5 to discuss homecoming week, campus safety and Aztecs Rock Hunger updates. SDSU’s...

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The Associated Students University Council convenes for its bi-weekly meeting Sept. 27.

A.S. Update: DACA re-application, Aztecs Rock Hunger, ARC accomplishments

by Amber Nelson, Staff Writer // September 29, 2017

The Associated Students University Council met for its bi-weekly council meeting on Sept. 27 to discuss emergency funding for DACA recipients, the upcoming...

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Aztecs Rock Hunger beats record

Aztecs Rock Hunger beats record

by Will Fritz, Senior Staff Writer // December 7, 2016

The Chief Executive Officer  of the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank announced on Friday, Dec. 1 that Associated Students collected 448,240 pounds...

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The sun shines through a natural shade covering of the Aztec student union.

A.S. Update: Aztecs Rock Hunger, Your Voice Matters

by Jasmine Bermudez, Senior Staff Writer // October 31, 2016

A.S. President and Dean of Students Associated Students President Jamie Miller said local philanthropists Ron and Alexis Fowler donated $25 million...

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Courtesy of Associated Students

Aztecs Rock Hunger for San Diego

by Kelly Kerrigan, Contributor // October 26, 2016

The fall season is known for falling leaves, colder temperatures and pumpkin spice lattes. But at food banks across the country, the fall season means...

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Scripps Cottage Renovation

A. S. Update: Fall events, Aztecs Rock Hunger

by Jasmine Bermudez, Senior Staff Writer // October 17, 2016

The Associated Students meeting on Wednesday Oct. 12 was not held in its usual place in the Student Union instead, it was held Scripps Cottage. Facilities...

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