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Students walk across campus at California State University East Bay.

CSU promises to keep tuition flat for 2021 school year

by CalMatters, Cal State Student Wire, and Mikhail Zinshteyn // January 27, 2021

LONG BEACH—California State University students will not see their tuition rise for the upcoming 2021-22 academic year, promising rare good news for...

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Sanders’ proposal of free college is a bad idea

Sanders’ proposal of free college is a bad idea

by Jimmy Janszen, Contributor // September 25, 2015

Last May, Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders introduced his College for All Act. This proposal would award $70 billion...

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Rate My Professors misses the point

by Maddy Perello, Contributor // August 20, 2015

Rate My Professors is an über-popular professor-rating site on which students write reviews based on class quality, easiness and perceived sexiness. Each...

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The War on Higher Education: Part Two

by Matthew Smith // October 8, 2013

Beware of college professors. They're part of a vast public university conspiracy theory to indoctrinate the American youth in a liberal agenda and turn...

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