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Duncan Hunter, an SDSU alumnus, represented Californias 50th Congressional District from 2013 until he resigned in 2020.

Trump pardons SDSU alumnus Duncan Hunter

by Brenden Tuccinardi, Editor in Chief // December 22, 2020

On Tuesday, Dec. 22, President Donald Trump pardoned 15 people, including former Republican congressman and San Diego State alumnus Duncan Hunter.  Hunter...

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The Trump administration’s gag rule is unethical and must be overturned

by Catherine Van Weele, Opinion Editor // September 11, 2019

Earlier this year, the Trump administration made changes to Title X, prohibiting medical clinics from referring patients to abortion services. Health care...

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Democrats owe their success to black women

by Kemi Giwa, Opinion Editor // February 27, 2019

Although we are less than two years away from the highly-anticipated election year,  any polls predicting or making definite statements about who the...

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The U.S. will not survive if military spending is cut

February 13, 2019

The Trump administration announced on Feb. 1 that the United States will opt out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and shortly after Russia...

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Mr. President, end the shutdown

by Shayne Jones, Staff Writer // January 23, 2019

As the government shutdown enters a month and counting, democracy is nothing more than a cacophony of flaccid arguments drowned out by the egotistical...

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We must celebrate all cultures

by Shalika Oza, Staff Writer // December 12, 2018

It’s time to celebrate our cultures, not spread hate. Growing up, I was raised with two different cultures. On one hand, I am Indian, something I...

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Kanye West is cancelled and we should all stop supporting him

by Sydney Karlos, Contributor // October 10, 2018

Kanye West is arguably one of the most controversial artists in the world. From interrupting Taylor Swift on stage at the MTV awards to marrying Kim...

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La falta de acción por parte del Congreso causa protestas defendiendo a DACA en San Diego

La falta de acción por parte del Congreso causa protestas defendiendo a DACA en San Diego

by Jocelyn Moran, David Santillan, and Carolina López // March 7, 2018

Recipientes del programa Consideración de Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia y personas apoyándolos se reunieron en San Diego para protestar...

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Candidato congresista protesta en favor de DACA con la comunidad de San Diego

Candidato congresista se reúne con SDSU para una protesta en defensa de DACA

by Carolina López, Escritora // February 14, 2018

Ammar Campa-Najjar, el candidato Demócrata nominado para el 50 distrito congresional de California, dirigió la protesta a favor del programa de Acción...

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Stronger action needed to stop mass shootings in U.S.

by Julie Cappiello, Staff Writer // November 15, 2017

In 1996 San Diego State student, Frederick Martin Davidson, shot and killed three professors during master’s thesis defense. He was spared the death...

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Trump llega a un acuerdo con Demócratas sobre DACA

Trump llega a un acuerdo con Demócratas sobre DACA

by Emely Navarro, Escritora // September 20, 2017

Líderes Democráticos del Congreso anunciaron el 13 de septiembre que habían alcanzado un acuerdo con presidente Donald Trump para redactar una ley para...

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Students protest President Trumps Sept. 5 decision to end DACA.

Pelosi, Schumer say they’ve reached deal with Trump on DACA

by Emely Navarro, Senior Staff Writer // September 13, 2017

UPDATED 1:45 p.m. Sept. 14: President Donald Trump affirmed his support for a law to permanently protect DACA recipients, contradicting an earlier denial...

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