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A modern Renaissance: Fashion student makes Youtube channel to share looks

Photo Courtesy of Alexya See
See is uploading fashion videos to her Youtube channel “Stylin’ Out.”

Business management and entrepreneurship junior Alexya See decided to bring her adoration of fashion and lifestyle to YouTube during quarantine.

Her channel, called “Stylin’ Out,” has become a place where she will post videos and reviews on clothing she has purchased as well as other tips within the fashion and wellness industry.

“My creativity has been flourishing immensely during this time,” See said. “My job is closed so I’m not working and school, thankfully, isn’t taking up that much time so I have a lot of time to not only create but also really think through my projects and give them the time and dedication they require and deserve.”

See founded San Diego State’s fashion organization “Fashion Fiends” this past year. It is an organization dedicated to promoting and creating clothing on campus. The club used to meet on Fridays in the Black Resource Center. 

“Fashion Fiends is an open and safe space for anybody who’s interested in fashion or anything that surrounds that including photography, makeup and marketing,” See said.

The organization started this spring by crafting original clothing and collecting pieces they had planned to showcase in a fashion show at the end of the semester, although the fashion show has been canceled due to coronavirus implications.

Tell us about your YouTube channel.

“My YouTube channel is called ‘Stylin’ Out.’ It’s just getting started but I do have my first video up. It’s a clothing haul, so if you’re looking for ideas on where to go shopping or what to get feel free to check it out. Part two is on the way soon. As for my channel overall, it will consist of fashion and well being. So expect to see hauls, lookbooks, good hair care and skin care and healthy practices to make your life the best it can be.” 

How do you feel about SDSU fashion?

“I feel San Diego State fashion is amazing. Well, the students, not the school. Aside from the people I’ve always looked up to in fashion, I get a lot of inspiration around campus from my fellow fly peers on campus. There is so much fashionable creativity walking around and it’s amazing. I feel as if San Diego State should provide more for students interested in fashion. I was honestly surprised it was not offered as a major or minor and there wasn’t even one class on it. There should be a place to go for everybody.” 

Who are your biggest inspirations in fashion?

“My biggest inspirations in fashion would be Donatello Versace for creation and Teyana Taylor/Rihanna for dressing up. Donatello created a new fabric made from microfibers of metal because there was no already existing material he felt was good enough for his clothing. So he created a completely new fabric, and that, my friend, is how you set a standard. And Teyana Taylor and Rihanna are the most fly females in the game right now. They have it all: style, creativity and originality. They never miss a beat.” 

When did you start getting into fashion?

“I really started getting into fashion a couple years ago. When I got to college, I really started thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. Happiness has always played a huge factor in what I wanted to do forever and I knew that I’d be happy doing something that involved art or was in the art world. The conclusion I made was that fashion was for me because the more I thought about it, I’ve always paid huge attention to my clothes and what I’m wearing when I’m going out and getting dressed. Designing things really makes me happy. I know I made the right choice because my motivation has shifted and I always want to make something new, and also my pieces make other people just as happy as they make me.” 

What are your top three staple pieces in your closet?

“My top three staple pieces in my closet are a fur coat because I’m always cold, distressed jeans or some dope pants because what is an outfit without good pants and my navy Velcro vans? I have a lot of shoes but those are fasho’ my favorites.”

See said she is excited to use this time to be able to show her peers what she is passionate about.

“I hope to sport my projects that have been piling up. I talk about fashion a lot. I get dressed up a lot. I help other people get dressed a lot. But what I feel like I don’t do enough of is show people what I can do. So I’m really excited about that and can’t wait to see what the future holds.” 

There is one more thing See can’t wait to do after quarantine. 

“I cannot wait to go thrift shopping,” See said. “I have a whole budget put aside for when Ms. Rona goes home. I need a two-dollar, one-of-a-kind pick up in my life ASAP.” 

See said Fashion Fiends’ members are here to talk to anyone struggling during this time. You can find Fashion Fiends on Instagram @fashionfiendssdsu or Alexya @lovelexi8. 

“The organization and I are always here to help.”

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A modern Renaissance: Fashion student makes Youtube channel to share looks