Editorial: Black Lives Matter and our actions need to support that

by The Editorial Board

George Floyd said, “I can’t breathe,” and those tasked with protecting him did not listen.

Similarly, the Black community’s cries of anguish, pain and frustration have been ignored by the media, politicians and law enforcement for far too long. 

What is more disheartening, the people with the power and privilege to challenge systemic racism and injustice have sat silent, including those at San Diego State. 

Greek life on this campus is overwhelmingly white, and it shows as sororities and fraternities have been known to discriminate against Black, Indigenous people of color during recruitment. 

Last year, when a student was called a racial slur outside the Black Resource Center, all SDSU could offer was a healing circle. When the BRC was vandalized, it was months before security cameras were installed as promised.   

Anytime there is a racist incident on campus, SDSU assembles a task force that usually just results in a slap on the wrist and a boilerplate statement by the administration condemning racism. 

We don’t need statements, we need action.

However, these past weeks are evidence of a growing movement that is demanding people to start listening and take action.

Already, the actions of people across the nation have created changes in policing aimed at reassessing what it truly means to protect and serve. The recent protests have made it clear, in order for our efforts to have a lasting effect we must continue to come together and use our collective power to further common goals. 

The Daily Aztec unequivocally supports this movement and stands with the Black community at San Diego State and across the country in their fight for justice.

Black Lives Matter. 

We are deeply familiar with the power of words, and this is a powerful statement, but these words only carry as much weight as the actions that follow them. 

With that said, The Daily Aztec is making a commitment to feature more Black voices on its pages, and that starts this week. We will be publishing a series of letters submitted by Black students, faculty and campus leaders and we’re extending the invitation to all members of the SDSU community who have the desire to speak up. 

In times like these, honest and open communication is necessary to keep us moving forward and in the right direction. Our hope is that The Daily Aztec continues to be a place where community members feel heard and can engage in productive conversation.

This is the fourth editorial—in almost as many years— we have published condemning acts of racism and prejudice. Hopefully, this one will be the last.