Students celebrate Black Pride in a different way in 2021


by Aleah Jarin, Staff Writer

Though it’s officially recognized during the month of February, Black history is celebrated by the Black community every single day. However, when February rolls around each year, it allows us to take a special moment to reflect on Black history and rejoice in Black excellence.

With the Black Lives Matter protests at its peak last summer, the Black community is continuing to speak out and share the importance of Black history. Although there’s been uncertainty with the pandemic, there’s one thing that is for certain: the resilience and immense feeling of pride shown by Black people during this time.

Here are how students are showing it. 

Kelechi Ndoh, senior international business major 
Courtesy of Kelechi Ndoh

Kelechi Ndoh, senior international business major 

“Black History Month gives us the opportunity to reflect on all Black excellence from the past and now. It’s important to have this yearly reminder and take a step back and remember all the great things Black people can do and what we can keep doing.

“When the Black Lives Matter movement was at its height last year, I was at protests and I feel like that’s how I showed my Black pride. I feel like the Black Lives Matter movement has gone down and I wish we had that same energy now, but I feel like a lot more people are aware. 

“I think everyday I wear my Black pride. I’m a Black man and I’m proud to be one. I celebrate everyday, just by me being Black, my walk and my confidence.”

Johvonne Roberts, freshman journalism major

“Black history month is important to me because it highlights all of the important figures and icons that led the way for all of us. This month also shows others that Black history isn’t just our history, but it is American history.  

Johvonne Roberts, freshman journalism major
Courtesy of Johvonne Roberts

“One way I am showing Black pride is through apparel. I recently went to Target and they have a clothing line specifically for Black History Month. So, I bought a t-shirt representing iconic black women like Maya Angelou, Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth. 

“This year, I am also celebrating by supporting more Black businesses, watching Black films, and educating myself more on Black history facts that were not taught to me in school. Supporting Black businesses is so important because we always want to support our brothers and sisters. Seeing each other succeed instead of breaking each other down, is something we really need in our community more.”  

Mohamed Buul, senior interdisciplinary studies major 
Courtesy of Mohamed Buul

Mohamed Buul, senior interdisciplinary studies major 

“Black History month is important to me because it allows me to see everyone across the nation really celebrate who created and made this country. And it allows for a reflection of how far Black people have come with regards to the dreams of their predecessors and how much more progress we can get.  

“I’m showing my Black pride this Black History month by teaching my siblings and my immigrant parents about the true Black history that they don’t get in schools and in the case of my parents, what they never learned.

“This year I’m celebrating this month with the Black Resource Center by going to the many events we have over the duration of this month.” 

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