Senior Farewell: David Ahumada

by David Ahumada, Staff Writer

It’s surreal to think that I’m in my room writing my farewell to campus already. Although the Coronavirus pandemic ended in-person instruction on a random day in March of last year, I’ve never felt closer to campus than ever before. I can’t believe we, the graduating seniors, are already here.

 Before the pandemic, I was a scared new person to campus. I was one of the many fighting for parking in P12, leaving immediately after my classes because I had to go work and I was only on campus when I needed to be because adjusting to campus life after transferring was extremely difficult for me. I never got the opportunity to figure out my own consistent parking spot on campus, I never learned which buildings my classes would take place in and I never even got to go to the campus Wings-N-Things. 

However, the pandemic gave me the opportunity to join organizations, meet so many people on campus, and allowed me to join as many things as I could without actually having to worry about externalities that come from in-person learning.

Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve loved to be stuck in traffic on College Avenue right as my 8 a.m. classes were starting, and I miss walking in the 100-degree weather up the stairs from P15 during the start of the fall semester. 

I’m just joking, it wasn’t all bad in person, I miss going to the library during finals week, leaving classes late to hear concerts going on in the amphitheater on campus and walking to the campus Everbowl in between classes. I loved watching and tailgating games at “San Diego Stadium,” seeing the start of baseball season and reading the fresh Koala as it came off the printing press.  I would’ve loved to meet everyone I interacted with during my time here, and I would’ve loved to enjoy my final few weeks on this campus to cherish my entire college experience. 

I’m glad I, at least, got to publish my name in The Daily Aztec a handful of times and to meet all people who make this publication as amazing as it is. I’m glad I made new family members from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists chapter here at State. And I’m glad I got to attend classes with everyone in the JMS program, y’all are doing some amazing work and big things. 

My time at San Diego State was too short, but I’m glad I got to observe a few semesters in-person here before we went virtual. As a San Diego native, I’m proud to say that I got to be an Aztec, even if it was for a brief period. As I exit into the real world, I’m shaped by the experiences I’ve had at San Diego City College and SDSU. I’m grateful for the educators that these two institutions have provided, and I’m glad some have even made their way over to SDSU. I can’t thank everyone in the JMS program enough for the education that y’all have given me. It’s been one hell of an experience, so thank you, SDSU! 

As for my future, I don’t know what’s in store, but I do know that I’m prepared for whatever these industry professionals throw at me. Who knows, you might see my name in the Motortrend masthead one of these days because I won’t stop pestering them until I get a job. To my fellow graduates, I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.