2021-22 Multimedia Lead Editor: Mackenzie Stafford


Mackenzie Stafford

Photo provided by Mackenzie Stafford.

by The Editorial Board

Mackenzie Stafford has been named the Multimedia Editor of The Daily Aztec for the 2021-22 academic year.

Before becoming the Multimedia Editor, Stafford was the live show producer for The Daily Aztec. She scripted, filmed and edited a broadcast weekly in order to keep viewers updated on all the latest SDSU news. Prior to this, Stafford worked as a staff reporter making video packages and helping out with filming the broadcast. Since Stafford has been doing broadcast news since 7th grade, The Daily Aztec has allowed her to continue in her passion for multimedia journalism.

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Stafford enjoys spending time with friends and family, hitting the beach and the slopes, learning how to DJ and finding the perfect iced latte.