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The Look Magazine allows students to pursue their creativity

The Look Magazine
The Look Magazine will be putting out their first full-scale magazine during the fall 2021 semester.

Are you a student at San Diego State who is interested in art, fashion and culture? If so, then The Look Magazine will definitely be the place for you. 

The Look Magazine is SDSU’s brand new student-run art, culture and fashion magazine. It’s where student writers, designers and photographers collaborate on creating a full-scale magazine each semester. The magazine will heavily revolve around students’ talents and provide a creative outlet to those who want to showcase their skills. 

Journalism and media studies junior and president Sophia Pinto got the idea of starting a student-run magazine her freshman year. After a long-awaited time of processing and planning the logistics of the magazine, Pinto finally has the chance to enact her idea. 

“I didn’t see any type of art, fashion, culture magazine at SDSU,” Pinto said. “I saw some at Stanford and USC and that’s where I got my inspiration from.” 

Alexandra Dunlop is a junior studying graphic design and the creative director for The Look Magazine. 

“Our idea is to just encompass anything creative that’s coming from SDSU students and give them a place to showcase it in collaboration with other creative students working on the magazine,” Dunlop said.

The staff said one primary goal of The Look Magazine is allowing creative freedom and collaboration between their team and other SDSU students. There is an emphasis on creative expression and allowing students to share their perspectives and voices on campus through artistry. 

Marketing junior and vice president of public relations Katherine Peng describes The Look’s content about focusing on students’ talents and skills. 

“The magazine will be centered around SDSU students and the creativity that is all around campus,” Peng said. “It is not limited to just fashion. It will be fashion, art, music, film, and people who play instruments.” 

The new staff said there is a place for everyone at The Look Magazine, from those who want to contribute to the blogs to those who want to learn more about producing online and print magazine content. 

“People are constantly welcome to submit their own work,” Dunlop said. 

The Look Magazine’s website will highlight weekly blogs from their diverse team of writers who will write student art spotlights and cover campus activities revolving around the arts, culture and fashion.  

The Look Magazine also encourages SDSU students to submit their own art and to have it submitted as a blog post. 

“We are going to do a lot of outreach at first to try to get people to submit their art, their creativity and their projects because that is what is going to keep our magazine running,“ Peng said.

This school year, The Look is planning to host fundraisers, events and meetings that are open to the general student population to drive more traction to the magazine and the talented individuals highlighted in it. 

With this project being so new, there is a lot of excitement for what’s to come from the magazine. 

“We’re just excited to create this creative community where everybody can have their input and just have this space for students,” Dunlop said. 

To keep updated on The Look Magazine and its content, check out their Instagram @thelooksdsu.

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Flower Smith
Flower Smith, '22-23 Live Producer
Flower Smith (she/her/hers) is a journalism major minoring in marketing, originally from Los Angeles, California. This year Flower will also be taking on the role of the social media coordinator for the Society of Professional Journalists chapter at SDSU. Flower loves exploring new coffee places and spending time with her loved ones. She is excited to be on the Editorial Board this year and is looking forward to bringing new ideas for the multimedia section.
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San Diego State University’s Independent Student Newspaper Since 1913
The Look Magazine allows students to pursue their creativity