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Interfraternity Council adds new positions

Owen Ekstrom
Students walk past the corner of Fraternity Row located on 55th Street.

Fraternities and sororities have started recruitment for the year, starting with tabling, house events and tours. After a year of being completely virtual, Greek Life at San Diego State has resumed in-person socializing along with the rest of campus. 

One year after the Interfraternity Council self-imposed social moratorium, fraternities and sororities have lifted the party ban and are back to hosting their social events in person. 

“IFC wants to be a driving force for bringing fraternities together and uplifting the overall student life or vibe,” IFC President RJ Hullum said. 

Hullum added IFC has added two new Vice President positions to its board. Jacob Guy has been named the Vice President of Social Activities and Gabe Collins has been named the Vice President of Brotherhood. 

Guy and Collins were unable to comment as Hullum said he is currently the only IFC point of contact for the media. 

These new positions were created with the intent to create strong bonds between the chapter members at SDSU.

“VP of Social I would say is more getting guys to meet each other, getting to know other guys in other chapters and figuring out ways we can bond like that,” Hullum said. “VP of Brotherhood is more so helping cement those strong relationships that people have with one another.”

Hullum specified that the VP of Social Activities takes more of a philanthropic stance with events, while the VP of Brotherhood can put together events for chapters like camping or paintball tournaments.

“So the VP of Brotherhood, their goal is more to help other people make those life-long friendships with those outside of their own fraternity, while VP of Social is more of introducing people, getting them to hang out and collaborate in ways that they haven’t before,” Hullum said. 

In regards to the University Senate meeting, IFC released a statement siding with the students’ preference to keep classes in person. 

“We wanted to make sure that we aren’t just looking out for us, we are looking out for everybody at the end of the day,” Hullum said. “The best way we can do that is by taking those stances.”

Hullum also said IFC has continued to host bi-weekly COVID-19 meetings. Since IFC is the umbrella organization for Greek Life, individual chapters have the power to make their own COVID-19 safety protocols within their houses. According to Hullum, IFC strongly recommends the chapters be mindful and take steps towards healthy living including keeping clean living space and supplying hand sanitizer.

“With COVID and everything, just having school ripped away from us, we really wanted to make it a point this year to be grateful…and to try to make the most of what we have left [time on campus],” Hullum said. 

Hullum said IFC has a goal of leading authentically, being trustworthy and being vulnerable in order to open the door for tough discussions surrounding Greek Life. 

“We are really trying to push the message that we are leading from the front and we are leading authentically and the way we are going to do that is by being trustworthy and sharing stories and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in some ways about the things people don’t like to talk about in Greek Life, especially because of the whole just toxic ideas that get floated around,” Hullum said. 

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Interfraternity Council adds new positions