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‘Doing it all’ isn’t viable, prioritize yourself instead

Aaliyah Alexander

College can seem to be a never-ending series of tasks.

We must attend all our classes and go to work while being told that if we want to succeed in our future profession, we need to have internship experience, join student organizations, network, participate in community service and we must maintain a higher than average GPA. Oh, and don’t forget the constant reminder that we should eat healthy, work out and maintain a healthy social life.

We always want to do it all. 

Some college students have the pressure of being first-generation college students, others just want to make a steady income in the future and make their parents proud. 

Somehow, we are supposed to complete all of these tasks and be successful at all of them. 

Sometimes all of the aforementioned tasks get so out of hand that something as simple as eating our next meal becomes too time-consuming. 

It is important to find a way to balance everything. If you find yourself suffocating in daily tasks like every other college student, here is some advice to help you:

Stop comparing yourself

It is easy to look at an acquaintance, friend or a family member and compare what they are doing to what you are doing. 

There is nothing wrong with looking at others to motivate yourself, but you shouldn’t drag yourself down because everyone is different.

Create to-do lists

Creating to-do lists and having a planner may seem like a little much, but this can be the perfect way to manage your time wisely and remember all your tasks for the day.  

We are all humans, and we need reminders. 

Say no

It can be scary to tell someone no. 

Many people were raised to be people pleasers, feeling the need to prioritize the wishes of others before their own and saying no feels like they’re letting someone down.

When someone asks you to do them a favor, to hang out or to take on extra tasks when you already have too much on your plate, find the courage to decline.  There is nothing wrong with prioritizing yourself and setting the right boundaries to make your life easier.

At the end of the day, you can never make everyone happy, so might as well make yourself happy.

Put yourself first

In the midst of all the college commotion, you may tend to forget about yourself. 

You want to “do it all,” but you can’t get much done if you aren’t at your best. Practicing self-care helps with keeping you at your healthiest — both mentally and physically. 

Self-care is the one task that should always come first. Give yourself at least 30 minutes a day to do something you enjoy.

Don’t try to do it all

Finally, as much as we all want to be the perfect student, we can’t do it all. 

It is important to know your limits. You cannot always involve yourself in every club or internship that will look good on your resume. If you find yourself burnt out every day, it may be time to drop out of a club or extra-curricular. 

As much as we all wish we had the time and energy to do everything, it’s just not possible. It’s ok to say no, to take a step back and realize our well-being should be our priority. 

There’s no such thing as a perfect student, so the key is to try your best and enjoy your life while you’re young.

Adriana Villa is a senior studying public relations.

About the Contributor
Aaliyah Alexander
Aaliyah Alexander, '21-22 Opinion Editor
Aaliyah Alexander is a junior studying journalism and international studies. 
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‘Doing it all’ isn’t viable, prioritize yourself instead