Keep calm and pumpkin on at the Pumpkin Patch Palooza


Sara Rott

Student desperately fighting for their life to hang onto the erratic mechanical bull at Pumpkin Patch Palooza.

by Sara Rott, Senior Staff Writer

San Diego State’s Conrad Prebys Courtyard was brought to life as Associated Students put on the spooktacular event “Pumpkin Palooza” on Oct. 19.

In the spirit of Halloween, students lined up to get a slice of pumpkin pie and a cake pop to enjoy the many activities laid out across the square.

Students were required to wear masks in the crowded space. Union Nights Chair Junior Lars Ecklund spoke about putting on events after a pandemic.

“I definitely do understand the worry and concern, so we do have precautions in place,” Lars said. “But it’s so good to see everybody again and the energy just really can’t be matched by zoom, so I’m really glad we can create the unity we once had.”

Small pumpkins were laid out across tables for students to pick up and decorate with markers. Students were creative as they drew faces or fun designs, and a contest for the best design was announced at the end of the night.

“I really liked the cake pops and decorating a pumpkin like a kindergartner,” business graduate student Jennifer Mendez said, sharing her experience at the event. 

There were lots of other activities to enjoy throughout the night, such as the movie “Monster House” playing on a TV, basketball and mechanical bull riding. Laughter could be heard across the courtyard as students tried to desperately hang onto the bull. 

There was even a photobooth set up for students to take pictures with different hats.

Students taking fun photos with all the creative props that were available. (Sara Rott)

Patrick Moreno from MidCity Photobooths shared how busy he’s been with all the events the student union has put on this year.

“We wanted to get the students engaged and excited and they’re having lots of events, so it works out for me,” Moreno said.

He said he’s been working at SDSU for four years and talks about how there’s always been a long line for the photobooth. 

“The students have been very respectable,” he said.

Whether chilling or taking part in any of the fun activities, students were laughing behind their masks. The colorful purple and orange lights and throwback spooky tunes even got a few students dancing in the middle of the courtyard.

“Every year, they are upping their game, so it seems really intuitive with what the students want,” Mendez said.