SDSU responds to the trials of Kyle Rittenhouse and killers of Ahmaud Arbery

by Eugenie Budnik , Staff Writer

The Office of San Diego State’s President Adela de la Torre released a campus-wide email in response to the two separate trials of Kyle Rittenhouse and the suspected killers of Ahmaud Arbery on Nov. 18.

The email touched upon the explicit racial undertones in the high profile trials, as well as the increased levels of stress that may be felt by communities of color because of the prevalence of these trials.

“We have experienced tremendous loss throughout the pandemic period, and that loss has disproportionately hit many communities of color. Also, much of the national discourse surrounding the trials this week has only highlighted the systematic racism that continues to threaten the fabric of our society,” the email said.

The email also encouraged members of the SDSU to take care of both themselves and their community members.

“In times of mental and emotional pain, we urge all members of our one SDSU community to approach one another with compassion and care, and to also take care of your individual selves,” the email said.

The Office of the President encouraged the SDSU community to ask for help when needed through SDSU’s Counseling and Psychological Services. Students can receive a consultation by calling Counseling and Psychological Services at 619-594-5220. Faculty and staff can reach out to the Employee Assistance Program at 1-800-342-8111 for resources.

Members of the SDSU community were also encouraged to connect with on campus resources such as cultural resource centers. Centers such as the Black Resource Center, Native Resource Center and Center for Transformative justice serve historically underrepresented communities on campus.

Finally, the SDSU community were encouraged to check in with friends and family, and to approach others with empathy.

“We remember during these times of pain and healing that we benefit from being part of a community that values compassion and care,” the email said. “These are hallmarks of our one SDSU community.”