Mexican group Los Ángeles Azules arrive for 40-year anniversary tour


Ivan Guzman

Los Ángeles Azules member Elías Porfirio Mejía Avante flashing a peace sign towards the crowd.

by Juan Daniel Avila, Senior Staff Writer

The 40-year anniversary tour of Los Ángeles Azules made a stop on Nov. 21 at San Diego State’s Viejas Arena — which appeared to be a sold-out event packed with an unsurprisingly Hispanic majority crowd.

The predominantly Mexican group known for its culturally legendary hits put on a memorable show at Viejas as fans from all over California, nearby states, and across the U.S./Mexico border showed up to see the iconic cumbia group.

Iconic cumbias like “Como Te Voy A Olvidar” “El Liston De Tu Pelo” and “20 Rosas” were played, with mostly everyone singing along and dancing to the rhythm of those songs.

Jorge Mejía Avant the man, the myth, the legend himself was there to pump up the crowd, motivate the fans and ultimately make them dance.

The excited crowd itself was active the whole night from the moment Los Ángeles Azules came out until the very last song of the night. The crowd was so thrilled and synchronized, they had a performance of their own by creating the wave around Viejas while the iconic group played their music.

(Left) Ivan Rodriguez, (Right) Guadalupe Mejía Avante singing side by side.
(Left) Ivan Rodriguez, (Right) Guadalupe Mejía Avante singing on stage side by side. (Ivan Guzman)

However, there was a slight moment in the beginning of the concert in which some people seemed to be unsure if they should get up and dance or just sing in their seats. While some of the main floor seating spectators had more room to dance.

There was one particular section in the middle left hand side of the arena in which people displayed that even with limited seating, it was possible to dance and move around in their seats.

Lead singer, composer, and engine of the group Menia noticed a section in the left hand side of the arena where  people danced without caring if they had space or not and said, “I see all of you moving up there, hopefully everyone can see you and follow your lead with this next song because it’s going to be hard not to dance along.”

This prompted the group to play “La Cumbia De La Tostadita” which got the whole arena up and out of their seats to start the party, creating an electric euphoria – or as Los Ángeles Azules like to call it a “Fiesta Cumbianera.”

After the song finished, the group proceeded to play hit after hit which kept the crowd up on their feet dancing to the best Mexican cumbia sounds of the world in which they say in Spanish ‘De Iztapalapa para el mundo.’

The group went over their assigned concert time but that didn’t stop them. Mejia asked the crowd if they wanted one more song and everyone enthusiastically screamed “Sí!” He also asked if anybody was tired and the crowd screamed “No!” 

That’s when Mejia performed the last hits of the night which included “Nunca Es Suficiente” “17 Años” and “Mis Sentimientos.”

The crowd wouldn’t stay quiet as the group departed, giving them a standing ovation as they turned on all the lights in Viejas Arena and the stage emptied out.