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‘Mamba Mentality’ lives on in hearts of Kobe Bryant fans

Screenshot from Vanessa Bryant’s Instagram

Having “Mamba Mentality” means to strive to be the best version of yourself. That is the message Kobe Bryant spread to millions of people around the whole world, including me. 

Bryant’s last game before his retirement in 2016, was the first time I ever watched basketball. Instantaneously, my world changed. Seeing how he went into a zone, dropping 60 points, including the game winning shot with 36.1 seconds left, showed me that anything is possible if you truly set your mind to it. 

Having a mentality like that comes with maintaining your drive. Bryant has taught me what it means to be the best. To be the best, you have to work longer, harder- and better than anyone else. My introduction to Bryant and basketball inspired me to pursue a career in sports broadcasting. His Mamba Mentality philosophy has become a mantra in my life. Everything I do, I want to be the best me. Bryant reminds me every day that I can. 

I have written this poem to honor the late Kobe Bryant and his everlasting legacy:

“The Final Game”

Kobe dropping 60

That’s 59 seconds on the shot clock

58 seconds to get around Hayward

57 minus five is two times the amount of training

56 points, 34 minutes, Grizzlies

55 points, Wizards

54 the love of the game, Dear Basketball

53 seconds to get around Favors

52 weeks of blood, sweat, and tears

Cause what he has done over the years

Should install fears, in all of you

51 more time for Kobe

50 points, 25 games

49 points in the 2008 playoffs

48 and 16 to sweep the Kings

For he is the real King

47 points, Trailblazers

46, Knicks

45 points, 46 games

44, Warriors

43, Celtics

42 seconds to get around Hood

41, Mamba out

40 points, 134 games 

39 points with 22 shots

38, Timberwolves

37, Heat

36, Nets

35+ points, 236 games

34 and 8 with 3 victories

33 is proud to see

What he has done for the legacy

32, is proud too

31, Cavaliers, 25,000 career points

30+ points, 431 games

29, 28, 27 seconds on the shot clock

26th of January, 26th of January 

25 points in the second half, Clippers

24, he is number 24

23, taught him mastery 

22, 21 for Vanessa 

20-year career

19 seconds, fadeaway

18 All-Star Games

17, drafted 

16, 15 All-NBA Teams

14, ball about to go in

13, Mambacita out

12, NBA All-Defensive Teams

11, 10, 9 seconds on the shot clock

8, he is number 8

7, 6, the ball goes in, shot clock stopped

5 rings, 5 MVPs

4 ever in our hearts

3s, 1,827

2 Olympic gold medals

1 more time for the Black Mamba

Sumaia Wegner is a junior studying journalism, media studies and communication.



About the Contributor
Sumaia Wegner, '23-24 Managing Editor
Originally from Santa Clarita, California, Sumaia Wegner is a is a double major, studying Journalism and Communication.  She started as a staff writer for The Daily Aztec, then became Arts and Culture Editor, and is now the current Managing Editor. Aside from her leadership role, Sumaia is also a reporter for the men's basketball team. Last year she covered the Mountain West Championship as well as the NCAA Championship. Sumaia is the president of the Asian American Journalists Association (SDSU Chapter) as well as the vice president of Culture and Diversity for SDSU's College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts. She started her career as a journalist while she was traveling abroad in Bangladesh, where she was a writer for The Independent newspaper. She wrote for the “Youth and Independent” section focusing on narratives that evaluated eastern and western cultures. Sumaia has received the following awards for The Daily Aztec: "The Inspirer," "Quest for Excellence," and "Best Section." 
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‘Mamba Mentality’ lives on in hearts of Kobe Bryant fans