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San Diego State’s new club presidents elected this year

Introducing new club president elects for fall 2022 and spring 2023
Olivia Vargo, Bella Biunno, Jayden Pagsolingan
Hadil Salih, Ryan Dusenbury, Joshua Zingali, Nicola Recker, and Morgan Burton.

This year San Diego State University has a variety of clubs and organizations to join. With there being many clubs, new club presidents are leading the charge. Here are a few to get to know: 

Ryan Dusenbury is the new president for the American Sign Language club. Dusenbury has a passion for seeing ASL evolve. He hopes to be a court interpreter one day, taking his education in criminal justice and ASL skills with him. Dusenbury mentions that one of his main goals as a leader this year is to bring inclusivity into sports. 

“There haven’t been many interpreters in the past for sports,” Dusenbury said. “Plus the Snapdragon stadium is so new, there hasn’t been much inclusion yet.” 

This year Dusenbury looks forward to meeting and interacting with more club members. 

The Sailing Club is up and running with senior Morgan Burton being the brand-new president. Burton is studying business real estate, and has been sailing the seas of San Diego with her dad since she was six. 

The club consists of around 20 students, who enjoy competitively sailing up and down the coast of California. Burton looks forward to engaging with new members who are as excited about sailing as she is. 

“Not only is sailing getting out on the water of sunny San Diego, but you get to meet really great people,” Burton said. 

Nicola Recker is breaking barriers for women in the sports industry, and she is propelling this movement by leading the recently established club, Women in Sports. This club is made to support women interested in a career in sports business. 

“We strive to have more women working in sports or in higher positions to break the stigma that sports is a male-dominated industry,” Recker said. 

Club members can be found networking with fellow students, attending meetings featuring guest speakers and attending workshops to further prepare individuals inspired in entering the sports industry.

Hadil Salih, a senior, is the new president of Women in Law. Salih is studying international comparative studies, and is passionate about empowering women in the law industry. Salih mentions that regardless of women being 50% of the graduating class of law school, misogyny and sexism still embed themselves. 

The club meetings consist of members listening to women in law speaking of their experiences, doing philanthropy projects together, doing bonding activities and ultimately just creating a space where members are surrounded by like-minded people. 

“When you have a space that you’re comfortable enough to share your ideas, it gives you a sense of confidence that seeps into other aspects of your life,” Salih said.

Joshua Zingali is the new president of the Artificial Intelligence club at SDSU. The 20-year-old junior has been part of the club since his first year of college-leading workshops last year and is now taking a leadership role. 

“The AI club offers workshops to equip you, challenges to test your abilities, and project groups to put what you learn into practice,” Zingali said

The club includes coding workshops, project groups where individuals complete nominated projects together and “hackathons,” where there are programming challenges and students solve it by coding. 

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San Diego State’s new club presidents elected this year