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Baba’s Pizza is a welcomed newcomer to SDSU Dining

The newly opened restaurant brings a familiar, affordable option to campus
Lecya Santiago
New restaurant Baba’s Pizza opened in the Charles B. Bell Jr. Pavilion in the spring semester

The opening of a New York-style pizza shop is few and far between, though, San Diego State University welcomes a new eatery.

Baba’s Pizza — founded at the Charles B. Bell Jr. Pavilion — is the latest restaurant added to the SDSU Dining catalog this spring semester. Preceding its opening, two restaurants closed last year: So Cal Chicken and Vinnie’s Pizza and Pasta Bar. 

The menu features a few sauce options, such as classic red, barbecue, pesto and garlic sauce. The classic toppings list complements the rarer sauces, allowing for many different pizza combinations. 

The menu includes a label for “100% Certified Halal,” meaning all meat products listed are non-pork, opening the door for students with dietary needs. 

Baba’s Pizza has the look of a modernized wood-fired pizza place. It’s adorned with bright lights and decorated in a black and red aesthetic, feeling quaint but familiar.

I tried a regular pepperoni pizza. Baba’s average pizza is about 13 inches, leading to a fulfilling meal that is only slightly bigger than a personal pizza. 

I enjoyed the flatbread and crispy crust, which meshed well with the gooey mozzarella and pepperoni. The ingredients were delicately balanced. The sauce didn’t overpower the cheese, allowing all the flavors to showcase themselves fully.

Nathan Salcedo was among the many students trying the new restaurant for the first time. Salcedo, a fourth-year student majoring in chemistry, ordered a pepperoni pizza with classic red sauce, mozzarella cheese, bell peppers and pesto drizzle.

“Obviously, the pesto sauce, I really liked that,” he said. “There’s not many restaurants that deal with pizzas that add drizzles and stuff.” 

Salcedo emphasized that compared to previous restaurants, Baba’s fit better on campus as a replacement. The overall cost of an average pizza there is around $11, making it one of the less expensive meals on campus. 

“I think it was a good decision,” Salcedo said. “This one feels way better and is actually cheaper, to be honest.”

Students can also use their meal plan to pay for Baba’s Pizza, making it more accessible to the community.

Baba’s is a newcomer to the area with much competition due to other on-campus restaurants’ longer histories. However, it has a strong start. People are willing to try the food, as seen by many people waiting for their orders. 

I’m eagerly awaiting the release of their sandwich and small bites menu, which will include items like garlic knots, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings. The expanded menu will give it the momentum to continue building a positive reputation and hopefully allow students to establish it as a potential favorite.

About the Contributor
Lecya Santiago
Lecya Santiago, Staff Writer
Lecya Santiago is from San Diego, California; she is a second-year sophomore majoring in Journalism with a minor in Spanish. In high school, Lecya participated in her school newspaper, “Cavalcade” for two years and became an op-ed editor in her senior year. Lecya’s interests include loving to write short stories, watching sitcoms, and reading classic literature in her free time.